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How to measure your omni-channel strategy

Measuring how your omni-channel strategy performs, is just as important as the implementation. If you implement a strategy that’s well planned, well thought out, it targets your audience perfectly – that’s great. But how will you be able to attribute a particular channel, or a particular feature or tactic to the increase in conversions you’ve witnessed?

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3 common omni-channel strategy mistakes

Mistakes can crop up anywhere, we’re all human after all. But there are common mistakes that we can help you try and avoid, so we’ve picked our top 3 common omni-channel strategy mistakes. We hope you take note and manage not to replicate them in your fashion strategy!

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3 tips for implementing your fashion omni-channel strategy

Implementing even the smallest of strategy changes can cause confusion amongst staff and worst of all, amongst your customers. So, when you’re implementing an entirely new strategy, you need to ensure implementation is as successful as can be, with minimal, if not, zero, disruption to your customers. Remember, with an omni-channel strategy, you’re attempting to vastly improve your customers’ experience, not the other way around!

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How to steal omni-channel tactics from your competitors?

You probably have many competitors. Some will be price competitors, others product competitors, perhaps you’ve narrowed it down to social media competition, too. But what omni-channel tactics can you steal from them?

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Fashion brand essentials: Selecting new digital channels

Building an omni-channel strategy for your fashion brand can be really tough. So it’s important to make sure your internal teams are equipped with the knowledge of current channel performance, before diving into the process of selecting new digital marketing channels.

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5 most effective ways to measure organic digital brand reach

We’re assuming you don’t have the time to go through each tweet posted by your fashion brand, each interaction on each post, and every mention across all social media channels and measure any relevant hashtags. Monitoring your organic digital brand reach, is a crucial step of the omni-channel strategy process, it’s important to analyse your social channels just as much as your e-commerce store or your in-store channels.

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How to analyse your current digital marketing channels

Analysing your current channels is one of the most important factors in the formulation of your new omni-channel strategy. If you don’t know how your current channels are performing, you won’t know what to swap out, what to invest more time and money into, and what to amend for best performance.

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How Topshop embrace their omni-channel strategy

Topshop operate as if they were a high-fashion brand, rather than a high-street brand, offering innovation left, right and centre. Topshop inspire their customers to share, interact and engage with their brand across all channels and encourage the use of all devices. They even have a section on their homepage titled ‘Topshop on the go’, which entices the user to click and discover more.

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Fashion brands: How to merge social with online shopping

Mobile now accounts for over 50% of all e-commerce traffic. So, for your fashion brand to gain a piece of the mobile conversion action, you need to ensure your customers’ experience with your brand is seamless and accessible across a variety of channels and devices. Gliding users from your social platforms effortlessly to your product pages, should all be part of an omni-channel digital marketing strategy.

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The biggest barriers to fashion omni-channel marketing

We all come up against barriers through our digital marketing channels time to time. But it’s overcoming the barriers and learning from them that helps us build a stronger digital marketing strategy. If your fashion brand is contemplating making the switch to an omni-channel strategy, you need to be aware of the most common barriers to omni-channel marketing so you can appropriately plan and then successfully implement it, with minimal disruption to your users’ purchasing experience.

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