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3 tips to keep in mind when designing your mobile fashion site

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Whether you’re designing an entirely new mobile site or you’re implementing a mobile-responsive design, it’s important you don’t overlook basic conversion rate killers and mobile design faux pas.

We’ve gathered a few together, so here’s 3 tips to keep in mind when designing your mobile fashion site!

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Optimising your firm's conversion rate can gain big support from those at the top, as you ensure that your website and marketing efforts are focused on delivering new cases for your legal firm. And with this awesome list of 15 quick and simple tips you can begin increasing your conversion rate today.

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How to build a mobile-first strategy for your fashion brand

Understand how to connect with your mobile customer with this eBook.

With the use of mobile phones only set to increase in the coming years, it’s important your fashion brand is ready to deliver the mobile customer’s shopping demands. To be able to truly deliver, your brand needs to adopt a mobile-first approach to its strategy.

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One of the big challenges with conversion rate optimisation in the legal space is testing, be it testing how a user looks at a page, whether your navigation is simple enough to understand or if your call-to-action button is the right colour to draw attention. All of these changes may result in a higher conversion rate but they may also cause a decrease, the only way to be sure is to test every step of the way. But just what sort of tests should you perform? Keep reading below to learn about the three most important tests to perform to aid your legal firm's CRO strategy.

P.S. Download our legal CRO eBook to learn some quick and easy ways to optimise the conversion rate of your legal firm’s website. 

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Top 3 fashion mobile site conversion faux pas

Learn more tips and tricks for mobile CRO in our latest eBook, download it now!

We’ve said it time and time again, but it’s natural for all marketers to make mistakes, it’s how we learn. In terms of mobile conversion rates – or any device’s conversion rate – in order to stay ahead of the curve, you need to constantly test new features and site elements to find out what works, and consequently, what doesn’t!

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Top 3 ecommerce mobile marketing trends to look out for

Connecting with your mobile customer is important, check out our eBook for tips.

We’re all into the swing of 2016 and whether you vowed to try some new digital marketing tactics or not, it’s important to stay on top of the trends shaping your industry. Many different trends were predicted for ecommerce at the tail-end of 2015, but which trends do we feel are worthy of your investment, or at least, a little further exploration on your part?

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3 tried and tested omni-channel tactics you should implement

Regardless of sector, any marketer wants to stumble across tried and tested methods of marketing. It minimises time wasted on idea generation and it can help increase your conversion rates quicker. So, what tactics could help increase the success of your omni-channel strategy? Here are 3 tried and tested omni-channel tactics you should implement for your fashion brand.

P.S. Need help implementing your omni-channel strategy? Take a look at our guide here.

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Guide to writing content for Google and your legal claimants

When it comes to writing marketing content for your legal practice it’s important you think of the reasons why you’re writing it. And those reasons should be first and foremost to help your ideal claimant and to help optimise your site for search engines like Google. In our eBook we give you nine great tips to help your content marketing efforts, but in this blog we’re focusing on just how you can write that perfect content for users and search bots.

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3 conversion rate optimisation tips to increase your conversion rate!

Increasing the conversion rate is something every website aims to do, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C sectors, obtaining a steady stream of customers is the ultimate goal. In order for your website to convert its customers, you need to invest time and money into continually striving to achieve the best customer experience possible. It can be difficult to know what elements of your site and which marketing approaches work best in order to achieve this sought-after conversion rate.

So, here’s 3 conversion rate optimisation tips to increase your conversion rate! P.S. Ever wonder how Jimmy Choo or Reiss measure up on conversion rate? Check out our luxury brand CRO comparison eBook here.

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Guide to using content marketing to optimise local search

97% of users search for local businesses online, so local SEO is key to building visibility among your community. In this blog we’ll discuss just how content marketing can help to optimise your legal firm for local search.

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