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3 key benefits of content marketing in the legal sector

Content marketing is an inbound methodology arm of digital marketing, and if planned and implemented consistently, content marketing can help you achieve some great things for your brand. So, you’ve probably already witnessed the great benefits to digital marketing in general, but what are the specific benefits of content marketing within the legal sector? We’ll tell you!

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3 things your competitors can teach you about omni-channel

You’re competing against your competitors, obviously, but they can be a source of great inspiration for your fashion brand. Taking ideas and making them better-fit your brand can be a great way to build innovation into your own digital strategy.

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How to become a legal industry thought leader

No matter the industry, every marketer seeks thought leader status. It helps build a credible and authoritative brand perception. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s no different within the legal sector. Although, within this sector, firms are fighting for air in an increasing saturated market. How can you ensure your voice is elevated?

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3 tools you need to become the ultimate legal content marketer

There are so many tools out there built to help support your marketing campaigns, from creation to implementation to measurement. But there’s SO many, how do you know which tools you need to trial or test?

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3 social media tools every fashion marketer should be using

As a marketer in the fashion industry, you’re aiming to obtain those all-important conversions for your brand. But, with social media having grown rapidly in recent years, you need to understand the impact your fashion brand is having in the social sphere. Measuring success through your multiple social channels and finding what elements can be best optimised for those conversion, can be tricky. At Hit Search, we find handy tools can make measuring social success and brand interaction that little bit easier.

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How to get your content noticed without spending a penny

Marketing can become very expensive, particularly if you don’t allocate a specific budget to each channel. And it can be tempting to keep pouring money into the paid search, or paid social channels in the hope that more money equals more conversions and generally more relevant brand awareness.

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3 content marketing strategies that work

Wouldn’t you love to know some tried and tested content marketing strategies that just work? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve pulled together our top 3 content marketing strategies that we think your law firm should try. Even if you’ve thought about employing some or all of the following, or perhaps you’ve employed some of these strategies historically, it might be worth revisiting them with a structured and continuous approach to see if they do really work for your firm.

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Content marketing mistakes to avoid in the legal sector

Foreseeing mistakes is a skill every marketer would love. But sometimes, we slip up! So we thought we’d help you out a little with some common content marketing mistakes, this way you can hopefully avoid making them.

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Why We Love Omni-channel (And You Should, Too!)

Omni-channel signifies a shift, not only in customers’ buying habits, but their purchasing influences and their overall bar of expectation, which has dramatically risen in recent years. According to customer experience insights, customers want self-service, voice, digital and social means to interact with a company and its people – and they still expect each to deliver a personalised experience.

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5 creative content ideas for your firm

Coming up with new and exciting ideas to market your content, particularly in the legal sector, can be quite challenging. Aside from looking to the competition for inspiration, where else are you looking? We’ve gathered 5 creative content marketing ideas for your firm to try out! Or who knows, maybe one will spark your own idea!

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