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Content marketing mistakes to avoid in the legal sector

Foreseeing mistakes is a skill every marketer would love. But sometimes, we slip up! So we thought we’d help you out a little with some common content marketing mistakes, this way you can hopefully avoid making them.

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Why We Love Omni-channel (And You Should, Too!)

Omni-channel signifies a shift, not only in customers’ buying habits, but their purchasing influences and their overall bar of expectation, which has dramatically risen in recent years. According to customer experience insights, customers want self-service, voice, digital and social means to interact with a company and its people – and they still expect each to deliver a personalised experience.

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5 creative content ideas for your firm

Coming up with new and exciting ideas to market your content, particularly in the legal sector, can be quite challenging. Aside from looking to the competition for inspiration, where else are you looking? We’ve gathered 5 creative content marketing ideas for your firm to try out! Or who knows, maybe one will spark your own idea!

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3 wrong ways to market your firm's content

If you’ve just started with content marketing as an inbound methodology within your digital strategy for your law firm, the volume of content you need to produce can be overwhelming. And even once you’ve written and created your content pieces, how do you even start to promote or distribute it? We’re here to ease your worries and make the content marketing minefield a bit more like a field filled with flowers!

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3 omni-channel ideas you can implement for your brand

It can be difficult to generate your own ideas, especially if you’re starting your omni-channel strategy from scratch. So, we’ve put some, hopefully, helpful ideas together for you, to help slowly turn your brand into a strong, omni-channel force to be reckoned with!

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Law Firms: How to measure your content strategy

Measuring your content marketing strategy is just as important as the creation and implementation phases. To build and maintain a successful campaign in the future, you’ll need to know what worked well and what didn’t work so well throughout past campaigns.

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How to tell if your firm's content marketing is up to scratch

Is your firm currently employing a whole host of content marketing tactics, and you feel like you’re getting nowhere? Although content marketing activities can take some time to come to fruition and deliver those exceptional leads your law firm is desperately seeking, there might be other reasons your content marketing is falling short on the delivery front.

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Legal firms: How content marketing fits into your digital strategy

With Econsultancy highlighting that a massive 32% of law firms credited content marketing as the most effective digital channel, it begs the question, should you be investing more time and effort into your firm’s content marketing? The simple and short answer, is yes. Content marketing can be a very effective channel for any industry, but within the legal sector, using this inbound methodology of marketing, can be one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads for your firm.

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Why omni-channel marketing is SO important

You might be thinking ‘what’s all the fuss about omni-channel marketing?’ Some marketers might even think that because their brand is operating alongside a multi-channel strategy, they’re already an omni-channel brand, but this is not the case. If you’re not sure what the differences between the two are, check out our article surrounding this confusion here.

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How to build your content strategy from scratch

New to the content marketing game? Or perhaps the digital marketing world in general? Don’t panic, we’ve gathered some of our best tips for newbies to the content marketing scene. Your law firm won’t know what’s hit it, you’ll be equipped with a fully-comprehensive content marketing strategy before you know it, and the leads will be lining up at your digital door!

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