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3 Checkout Conversion Strategies To Steal From Big Brands

Obtaining a conversion for your e-commerce site, is all about getting the user to that all-important checkout stage. Without implementing a site-wide banner in desperation with the words ‘please buy from us’, you need to subtly, yet continually, amend aspects of your website, making sure that the end of the purchasing journey is straightforward for all your visitors.

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User Experience Mistakes Your Fashion Brand Should Avoid

It’s natural that you’ll make mistakes whilst you stumble upon what marketing tactics work best for your brand, everyone makes mistakes! The most important thing is to then learn from those mistakes, this way you’re constantly enhancing your fashion brand’s approach to marketing. Sometimes it’s the little things that are over-looked and, when it comes to user experience, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

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Top Conversion Rate Tips for Busy Marketers

If you’re in charge of marketing a fashion brand, then you’ve probably got a lot on your plate. Trying to juggle the digital marketing strategy, uploading new content to the website, maintaining your social media accounts and organising all offline marketing, whilst making sure you stay within your budget, can be tricky! So, how do you find the time to stay on top of it all? If you haven’t had the time to optimise your site for conversions lately, don’t panic.

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The Key Benefits of Fantastic User Experience

Adopting an iterative attitude to all aspects of your fashion website is important in order to stay competitive. Arguably, one of the most important aspects for retaining and attracting new customers, is user experience. Being able to spot and implement changes when pages just aren’t converting or realising when features could be better placed around your site, can be a skill for sure.

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How to Drive Revenue with Conversion Rate Optimisation

Revenue is the backbone of any business, in any industry, we all know that. Generating revenue can be difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t actually have to be either of those things! Using conversion rate optimisation, you can drive revenue through your fashion website in many different ways.

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Examples of User Experience to Inspire your Fashion Brand

Great user experience will greatly improve your site conversion rate, that’s a fact. So, if you’ve been struggling to generate innovative user experience ideas for your fashion brand, then don’t worry. Here at Hit Search, we’ve compiled some of our favourite user experience examples to share with you, in the hope that they will inspire you to make some user experience changes of your own!

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Why your Mobile Users are Leaving your Fashion Website

Does your fashion site have lots of mobile traffic but no conversions? If this sounds familiar, it can seem puzzling as to why your site isn’t converting mobile users. You’ve got great products, you have the footfall and your site looks great. So, what’s the problem?

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How to Create Exceptional User Experience

Apart from utilising your mind-reading skill set, how else can you create exceptional user experience for your fashion website visitors? It’s a question we get asked quite frequently at Hit Search. That’s why we thought this post would be a great opportunity to provide you with a handful of user experience tips. We’re hoping they’ll lend your website a hand, converting those visitors into loyal customers in no time!

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Banish low conversion rates for good with these 3 tips

Banishing low conversion rates is something we all dream of and, particularly when you have an e-commerce website to take care of, it’s even more important. A conversion for an ecommerce site is mainly focused around a purchase. So, in this post we tell you how you can banish your low conversion rates for good.

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3 Surprisingly Common Conversion Rate Mistakes

We all make mistakes, it’s a fact of life. But, when it comes to your fashion website you need to desperately minimise the mistakes you make. Having an e-commerce website is all about continual iterations. The more you test and modify your website, the less problems your users will stumble upon, making it more likely that they’ll purchase from you! Makes sense, right?

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