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Date posted: May 28, 2015


Yesterday we published an article on our brand spanking new fashion site and now we’d like to share it here in case you might have missed it. The article is all about the key ways to drive more revenue through your e-commerce site. The landscape of e-commerce is a challenging one. It’s all about maths: […]


Date posted: May 20, 2015

3 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Drive Low Cost Case Volumes

For legal firms, the idea of a social strategy can seem completely alien. But utilised correctly, social media channels are a great way to raise awareness, establish your firm as a thought leader and more importantly, generate a high volume of low cost leads. Here at Hit Search, we specialise in helping legal firms create […]


Date posted: May 19, 2015

Are your Google Shopping Ads working for you?

So your Google Shopping Campaigns are now an essential part of your paid digital marketing strategy and I’m sure your campaign is reaping the benefits of higher ROI, but are your ads performing as well as they could be? We’ve put together a blog examining how you can get the absolute most from your Google […]


Date posted: May 15, 2015

50% of your mobile traffic is now coming from a mobile device. Now what?

So you’ve just found out that over 50% of traffic to your site is coming from mobile. With information like that you’re probably going to have to start making a few changes on site, or even looking in to why half of your traffic is finding you through mobile. If you’re not asking how you […]


Date posted: May 11, 2015

Help! I am moving my fashion brand online and don’t know where to start!

The sheer thought of moving your fashion brand online can be an extremely daunting thing. Between keeping the flow of traffic coming through, ensuring all your pages are working correctly and making sure everything is still showing up in Google, there’s so much to do. Thankfully we’re the professionals at helping brands, especially those in […]


Date posted: May 8, 2015

How to engage with retail bloggers

Outreaching to retail bloggers to aid your content marketing strategy isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s not simply about sending generic emails about your brand to bloggers and hoping someone bites, it’s about building a quality relationship that benefits both your brand and the blogger – but how to do this? We’ve put together […]


Date posted: May 6, 2015

Digital TV: Can fashion brands successfully drive awareness and action through TV?

  Targeted advertising through Sky AdSmart is an extremely useful tool for those in the fashion industry. Your adverts can be placed in front of the right people whilst they’re watching their favourite shows, meaning the days of “shoot and hope to hit” advertising are slowly coming to an end. Fashion brands have an opportunity […]


Date posted: April 29, 2015

Breaking News – Facebook Leaks Information About Instagram Advertising

  Self serve advertising is currently being trialled by Facebook. Thanks to a bug in the system, Facebook Ad’s Manager was showing an option to place ads on Instagram. This was just a bug as the option was quickly removed.  However, this is quite clearly evidence that Instagram Ads are definitely on their way. This […]


Date posted: April 22, 2015

Cruise SEO and online marketing – how should you measure your success?

  From an online marketing perspective, the cruise industry is an interesting one. The generic search terms are dominated by the biggest providers and travel companies, like Royal Caribbean and Thomson, so it would be unrealistic for the average challenger brand to expect to claim first position for “cruise holidays” anytime soon. So how can […]


Date posted: April 20, 2015

Could River Island be doing more with social media?

River Island is one of the most recognisable fashion brands on the UK high street and is now spreading its sense of style around the world. Most people would assume a brand this big would have its finger on the pulse when it comes to social media, but our quick and dirty review shows that […]


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