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Date posted: November 27, 2014

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday – It’s a Big Week for Retail

Giving is the new black. Black Friday is back, for better or worse, which means it’s time for the retail industry to once again whip up a ‘thanksgiving frenzy’; despite the fact that most of us tea-sipping Brits don’t celebrate the holiday at all. Because while we might not care much about an American holiday […]


Date posted: November 26, 2014

Robots Are Looking At Your Social Media Pictures

As two major breakthroughs in the world of image recognition software begin to pique the interest of online marketers, artificial intelligence starts to prove its use in the world of advertising ever more. A team of scientists at Google have developed artificial intelligence software that can describe the contents of photographs and accurately analyse sentiment, […]


Date posted: November 25, 2014

Winter Plunder-land – The UK Will Spend £17 Billion Online This Christmas

The Centre of Retail Research has predicted a bumper Christmas for online shopping in the UK, with almost a quarter of Christmas buys made this year to come from online. According to the findings, Brits would spend more than £17 billion online this Christmas, and more than £74 billion in total. That makes the UK […]


Date posted: November 20, 2014

Is Artificial Intelligence A Marketers Worst Nightmare Or Best Friend?

Opinion will forever be divided on the subject of artificial intelligence; some of us will look at Arnie’s role in Terminator or Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and shudder at the thought of computers taking over whereas others simply can’t wait until we have our very own R2-D2’s serving us drinks at parties. Technology is […]


Date posted: November 13, 2014

Mobiles Crowned Users ‘Device Of Choice’ For Browsing Product Information

Mobiles have been found to be the user’s device of choice for researching about products or services – this is according to survey results released by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) prompting IAB’s Senior Research Manager, Hannah Bewley to state “…mobile is the glue that holds other media together.” In conjunction with research agency Kantar […]


Date posted: November 11, 2014

Are You Ready For Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

  Black Friday – It’s a time for bargain hunters to rejoice as hundreds of online and high street retailers take part in flash sales offering everything from laptops to flatscreen TV’s at ridiculously low prices. Not just limited to our friends in America, Black Friday has now officially become a favourite day for the […]


Date posted: November 10, 2014

Can Fashion & Retail ‘challenger’ brands compete using TV?

The short answer is yes! But surely the minimum budget is tens of thousands of pounds right? Wrong. 12 months ago, Sky AdSmart was created with a vision to blend the close targeting and measurability of Digital Marketing with the audience reach, branding and awareness driving mechanisms of the TV medium. So how does it work? […]


Date posted: November 4, 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts Still Hasn’t Found What He’s Looking For

Google’s head of web spam has extended his leave into 2015, stating that web spam fighting is running perfectly fine without him. Does this mean the systematic destruction of unethical link builders has worked? Is Matt Cutts simply soul searching? Can we get any more search related puns into this article? In a note added […]


Date posted: November 3, 2014

A Buyers Guide To Mobile Marketing

It seems every year since 2005, the Digital Marketing industry hails ‘this year to be the year of mobile,’ with 2014 no exception. But based on spend alone, for 2014 this does indeed seem to be the case. This is what the IAB had to say earlier this year:- “Video advertising on the internet and […]


Date posted: October 30, 2014

Recuitment: Hit Search look to expand content team

Hit Search are looking for a Content Executive to support editorial and strategic content creation – this role will work across the Communications and Digital Marketing teams. You are self-motivated and enthusiastic, with the ability to use language creatively to give our customers an effective and inspiring onsite experience. Job Title: Content Executive Salary: Circa […]


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