Yandex makes the web accessible from any mobile phone supporting an internet browser, automatically recognising and adapting website copy to the specific make and model of the Mobile Phone.

Very clever program this from Yandex who have brought a other excellent new innovations into the search engine marketplace.

THis program means that Mobile users now can rely on Yandex to properly display their search results for them, even if their gadget cannot do so on its own.

Yandex's key services, including search, mail, news and weather, have also become accessible from all mobile phones.

In addition, Yandex rolled out new features developed specifically for mobile web users, who, for instance, can now call right from their browser to any telephone number found online or received in an email. Also, users can see weather reports or tv listings tied to their current geographic location.

"You do not need a computer or a smartphone to search online anymore," says Andrey Vasilevsky, head of Mobile Applications of Yandex. "Yandex is available on any cell phone supporting WAP 2.0, which means virtually any cell phone".

Mobile version of Yandex is available at the traditional or at a shorter To make sure your mobile settings are correct and to save on traffic, configure your settings automatically by sending the message to your own phone number.

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