Friendster today announced at ad:tech Singapore that its users in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines will soon be able to subscribe to Friendster Text Alerts, a full suite of alerts covering activity in their Friendster network, sent directly to their mobile devices via SMS text messages.

Friendster Text Alerts is Friendster's second mobile offering and complements Friendster's successful mobile site,, launched in May 2008.

When launched, Friendster users can subscribe to receive text message alerts for friend requests, new messages, comments, bulletins and more. When such activity takes place within their network of friends on Friendster, they will receive an SMS text message on their mobile phone. Users will also be able to share and communicate on Friendster by sending a text message to Friendster to update content on their profile, such as shoutouts and bulletins, send messages, and reply to friend requests. Friendster Text Alerts will increase timely communication among users and support and encourage network activity while Friendster users are away from a computer.

"Since SMS text messaging technology is universally available on over 1.2 billion mobile phones in use today in Asia, all of our 52 million users in Asia that have mobile phones can subscribe to Friendster Text Alerts and stay connected when they are on the go and away from a computer," said David Jones, vice president of global marketing for Friendster.

Friendster Text Alerts will be launched in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in the coming weeks. Friendster will announce this feature to its users when it becomes available in each country. Friendster Text Alerts is an enhanced offering based upon a pilot program previously introduced in the Philippines.

"Recent studies have shown that about 90% of Asia's mobile phone subscribers use SMS text messaging, and some of the highest per subscriber usage of text messaging is in countries in Southeast Asia. It's only natural to combine the most popular mobile feature -- text messaging -- with the most popular social network in Asia," said Jones.

Friendster users must opt-in, or register, to use Friendster Text Alerts by entering their mobile phone details and selecting which mobile text alerts they wish to receive. Friendster does not charge its users for Friendster Text Alerts, but users are subject to text messaging usage fees of their wireless service provider.

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