Kiwibox today announced the launch of a new WAP service designed to expand their online community to mobile users. WAP, or wireless application protocol, is an open international standard for applications that use wireless communication to enable access to the Internet from a mobile phone or PDA.

The extension into the mobile market will allow Kiwibox's 1.8 million teen users the flexibility to communicate on-the-go. Kiwibox's WAP site will translate the innovative social networking features currently found on the Web site to the mobile handset.

"Our users have come to expect immediate accessibility to social networks and mobile handsets are becoming lifelines to teenagers as a means of staying in touch with their friends," said Lin Dai, Chief Executive Officer of Kiwibox. "With the addition of this WAP site, we've effectively cut the cord that previously restricted users to their desktops and given
teens the chance to constantly stay in touch with their friends on Kiwibox, regardless of their location."

Kiwibox partnered with Quattro Wireless to mobilize the existing Web site. Using Quattro's Juicing technology, the site content rapidly develops into a dynamic format suited to a mobile presence with the layout and intuitive navigation specifically adapted for all types of handsets.

This creates sophisticated new opportunities for advertisers,including special banner creatives and channel sponsorships. In addition to  Kiwibox, Quattro powers hundreds of other mobile sites for a variety of toptier media brands and content companies.

"Our mission at Quattro Wireless is to bring a rich internet experience that is adapted effectively for the mobile handset," said Lars Albright, Vice President of Business Development of Quattro Wireless.

"Social networks are one of the fastest rising segments of the Internet today, and through our partnership with we are truly harnessing the power
of social media by making it mobile. As this industry continues to evolve, we see more and more companies going mobile as a way to significantly enhance their users' experience while adding additional revenue streams."

The marriage of social networks and mobile technology is rapidly gaining the attention of industry experts who advocate and applaud this market innovation.

"Social networks have progressed to a point where users require constant communication capabilities," said Julien Theys, a research analyst for Screen Digest's Mobile Media Intelligence team. "The future of social media will rely on software and services that allows a user to continually interact and contribute to social networks on-the-go. Based on our research, the marketplace is welcoming more mobile access and flexibility in how they choose to interact with their peers."

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