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Date posted: August 28, 2014

Hit Search Top 5 #SEOtip Round Up

Welcome to the Hit Search #SEOtip of the day round up – where we compile 5 of our best #SEOtip tweets, spanning everything from CRO to Content Marketing. Join us on Twitter here to get involved in the conversation and make sure you follow us for the very best in online marketing insight. Without delay […]


Date posted: August 27, 2014

Digital Bootcamp Event – 30th Sept, Media City

Making the most of your marketing budgets for the Festive Season and beyond Why attend? Understanding how your website and digital marketing channels performed for your 2013 campaigns will be crucial to securing the success of your 2014 campaigns. Register now on Eventbrite Join us at Media City to Reflect on how you can better […]


Date posted: August 21, 2014

Attribution Modelling – How Did Your Customers Find You?

    The delivery giant FedEx are industry leaders in getting packages to their customers, but it’s through attribution modelling that they can measure how their customers come to them. Just how well do you think you know your customers? How did they find you? And what was their journey that led to a conversion? […]


Date posted: August 19, 2014

Where does digital sit in your marketing strategy & could it be doing more?

According to a report published at eConsultancy, a third of senior ecommerce and marketing directors struggle to align SEO processes with their business goals. Perhaps even more alarming, while more than 80% believed that search marketing was integral to their business model, less than 20% of SEO requirements were met in the past year. The […]


Date posted: August 13, 2014

Persona’s Are Important. Part 2

Last week we discussed Tim, Alice and Steven – our team of consumers. Through creating characters or ‘Personas’ we started to see how each person would fit in with a  certain product, for example Alice was probably not going to want to try a protein shake and Steven probably couldn’t care about the latest Death […]


Date posted: August 7, 2014

Hit Search Top 5 #SEOtip Round Up

At Hit Search, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the online marketing and SEO world, after all, we are the experts. Over at our twitter page, we’ve been sending out a daily SEO tip – aptly entitled #SEOtip of the day! Our SEO savvy team have been offering quick hints and tips to help […]


Date posted: July 31, 2014

Star Ratings are coming to Product Listing Ads, but what are PLA’s anyway?

Big news this week in Pay Per Click advertising is that customer ratings and reviews are now officially rolling out on Product Listing Ads in the US, with the UK set to follow is a few weeks time. If you’re using PLA’s to drive traffic to your online store products this update is likely to […]


Date posted: July 28, 2014

149 Days – It’s Never Too Early for Search Marketers to Think about Christmas

There are 149 full days to go until Christmas 2014. That’s 3,576 hours… but how many Google searches? The answer is hundreds of thousands. Ok, that’s a massive drop off from the major e-commerce Christmas season which runs from September to December but it’s a lot more than zero. It shows that it’s never too […]


Date posted: July 24, 2014

iBeacons – What You Need To Know

Nope that’s not an air freshener on the wall in Tesco’s, it’s an iBeacon – Apple’s newest way to provide iPhone users and other iOS devices location based information via Bluetooth low-energy wireless technology. An iBeacon is the newest technology in push advertising currently being trialled by brands in the UK and US to offer […]


Date posted: July 18, 2014

Hit Search nominated for Dadi Awards 2014 thanks to our work with Alder Hey

The team at Hit Search is delighted to announce that we are amongst the finalists for the Dadi Awards 2014, in association with Synergist. Organised by media and marketing news outlet, The Drum, the Dadi Awards is the biggest new event in the marketing industry calendar; celebrating innovation and achievements in the digital sphere. Hit […]


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