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Date posted: April 22, 2015

Cruise SEO and online marketing – how should you measure your success?

  From an online marketing perspective, the cruise industry is an interesting one. The generic search terms are dominated by the biggest providers and travel companies, like Royal Caribbean and Thomson, so it would be unrealistic for the average challenger brand to expect to claim first position for “cruise holidays” anytime soon. So how can […]


Date posted: April 20, 2015

Could River Island be doing more with social media?

River Island is one of the most recognisable fashion brands on the UK high street and is now spreading its sense of style around the world. Most people would assume a brand this big would have its finger on the pulse when it comes to social media, but our quick and dirty review shows that […]


Date posted: April 15, 2015

Put The Wind Back In Your Sales – 5 Must See Mobile Marketing Tips For Cruise Providers

All businesses have the potential to increase awareness, loyalty and ultimately conversions by integrating an effective mobile strategy into their online marketing campaign. In fact, businesses who actually want to keep their rankings on Google have no choice but to conform to the new Google Mobile Algorithm update set to drop on the 21st of […]


Date posted: April 8, 2015

Set Sail for Conversion – how cruise providers can chart the seas of attribution modelling

If there’s one key question all cruise providers should ask it’s “How did my customers find me?” Without the answer to this, you’re simply treading water without a hope of knowing where to focus your marketing spend. Is your email marketing campaign working or are customers finding you through social media channels? Should your focus […]


Date posted:

Are Your Measurements Correct? Measuring The Right Elements In A Fashion SEO Campaign

Measuring the right elements that make up your fashion SEO campaign is a vital part of your online strategy. It’s not just about getting to number 1 in the Google listings, it’s about driving revenue. Measuring factors such as organic traffic, inbound links and a host of other aspects of your fashion SEO campaign will […]


Date posted: April 1, 2015

#ContentMarketing for #ecommerce #retailers

Through many years of working with the leading lights of the fashion and retail world, we have summarised a few ways we advise retailers to use content marketing as part of their SEO outreach program. Click here for the full story… Related posts: Engaging Content Marketing for Retailers Christmas: An On-line Strategy For Retailers… Retailers […]


Date posted:

Why should cruise brands understand and use programmatic display?

Cruise holidays are fun and luxurious and unforgettable — but they’re not for everybody. It’s the job of the cruise marketing team to generate awareness for their brand, by positioning ads in front of the right people and not wasting that spend on showing ads to people who could afford a cruise or wouldn’t take […]


Date posted: March 31, 2015

Engaging Content Marketing for Retailers

Great content has been proven time and time again to really drive customer engagement with brands – it’s no wonder everyone in marketing says that ‘content is king’. Retailers in particular have some great opportunities to engage with their customers through content, although they don’t always take them. We’ve put together a list of some […]


Date posted: March 25, 2015

Content Marketing Like A Boss With Cruise Brands

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about marketing, no matter what you’re trying to sell; it’s that content is and will always be king. You can implement every marketing strategy under the sun and follow every best practice you’ve heard of, but at the end of the day if your content isn’t good, or if […]


Date posted: March 18, 2015

How cruise brands can sail in the right direction with programmatic display

These days, no cruise provider can be without programmatic display and Real Time Bidding (RTB) as part of their arsenal to ensure best value out of their marketing spend. Right now, it’s even better as not all cruise providers have opted to use it yet, so those that do are staying head and shoulders above […]


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