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Date posted: March 4, 2015

Cruising for a bruising: will Google mobile update sink these travel brands?

February ended with such big news that I half expected the drum beats from Eastenders to sound off around the office when we all found out. If you don’t already know, Google has announced a major algorithm update set to land on 21 April 2015. This update is unique, in that Google has officially announced […]


Date posted: February 26, 2015

How could Royal Caribbean take search performance to another level?

Royal Caribbean Limited is one of the biggest players in the cruise game and this translates to their performance in search. So their SEO strategy must be pretty air tight, right? Not exactly! Their position for the majority of relevant search terms is there or thereabouts, but the company could change their approach to digital […]


Date posted: February 25, 2015

Which of the top fashion brand websites performed the best for customers AND search engines?

Our mission here at Hit Search is to “…create cutting edge digital marketing campaigns and improve customer engagement…” for all of our clients. As part of this, and due to our growing fashion and retail client base, we decided to analyse 29 of the top fashion brands in Europe. This analysis took the form of […]


Date posted: February 23, 2015

PPC Help – 5 Recent Google Adwords Updates that are critical to eCommerce?

As the great Ferris Bueller once said, “life moves pretty fast” — and Ferris never ran an eCommerce campaign on Google Adwords! The platform is regularly updated and if users don’t stop and look around once in a while they could miss something really important. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up 5 major recent updates which could […]


Date posted: February 18, 2015

How Google Penguin Sunk the Cruise Market

Google’s Penguin algorithm is the search engine’s top line of defence against spam links. It penalises site owners who rely on them, and only rewards those who clean up or disavow them – or who don’t use them to begin with. Penguin certainly has positive and negative effects, but it’s arguably in the cruise sector […]


Date posted: February 16, 2015

What marketing channels should be included in a retail attribution model? – Infographic

Attributing sales to specific elements in your marketing campaign is something all online fashion retailers should be doing constantly. If you don’t, you risk pouring spend into an ineffective channel and increase the chance of missing out on appealing to the right people.  Following the “thread” to conversions helps you find out which parts of […]


Date posted: February 11, 2015

Is plain sailing for customers? A CRO review at a glance is known as an award-winning cruise specialist who prides themselves on offering outstanding customer service in line with their personalised cruise concierge service and their motto: ‘exceptional is our standard’. But could they be doing more to boost sales through their site and make the user experience exceptional? We hopped on board to take […]


Date posted: February 10, 2015

Pure London Exhibition Photos

Just thought I would post a few photos from yesterdays Pure London Exhibition at the London Olympia. A great event and we met some exciting new Fashion and Retail brands that we will hopefully be engaging our Digital Marketing skills in order to grow their revenues this season…    Related posts: Google's Mario Queiroz keynotes […]


Date posted:

The 7 Deadly Sins Of In-House E-commerce SEO Teams

A common myth associated with SEO, is that the best practices can be learned in a year or so, and that’s that – you’re done. You know everything. This couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO is an ever changing animal that is consistently evolving. Google’s algorithms change in such a way that SEO professionals […]


Date posted: February 6, 2015

The Key Elements Of Attribution Modelling For Cruise Providers – Infographic

  “How did my customers find me?” This is a question all cruise providers need to ask themselves and one of the most important questions which will help you chart a course to success. Are they finding me through social, or is my email marketing campaign working? Is PPC really working for me, or should […]


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