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Date posted: October 23, 2014

Hit By Google Penguin? Hit Search Release Updated Content Marketing Guide

With recent algorithm changes such as Google Penguin and Panda, creative content marketing strategies are becoming increasingly more important to a business’ online presence. There are a number of benefits to a strong content marketing strategy, which include increased exposure to a relevant audience, and more interaction with the customer through multiple channels. Hit Search […]


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Hit Search Release Conversion Rate Optimisation Guide: A CRO Methodology & Practice Examples

Conversion Rate Optimisation is less costly than paid advertising but helps maximise ROI from your website and could give you a competitive edge in your market. When you’ve gone to the effort and expense of driving visitors to your website, you need to be sure that your website does everything to convert them into customers. […]


Date posted: October 22, 2014

Hit Search Release Report Luxury Fashion Brands Report

Hit Search have reviewed and ranked 29 of the biggest and best luxury brands online; including Harvey Nichols, Net-A-Porter and Jimmy Choo. By analysing these influential luxury brand websites and delving into their CRO strengths and weaknesses, the team of CRO experts at Hit Search have found who is the best dressed fashion brand. For […]


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The new Google Penguin 3.0 update has arrived – what does that mean for you?

Google has confirmed the rollout of their newest Penguin update, which began on 17th October, has since affected 1% of queries. The question everyone is asking – what does this mean for me? If you’ve been implementing an ethical backlink strategy and ‘white hat’ tactics, chances are your site will not see any negative effects, […]


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Which luxury fashion and retail brands have the best performing websites?

We get asked all the time from our fashion and retail client base which brands have the best performing website. Our response has historically been quite long winded and that is down to the fact that there are hundreds of metrics that should be taken into account ranging from speed of the website, conversions rate(s) […]


Date posted: October 21, 2014

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Which Luxury Fashion Brands Are Best Dressed?

Online visibility is no longer the sole factor when it comes to customers making a purchase – Conversion Rate Optimisation is now one of the major keys to success in the online retail world and the Luxury Brand market is leading the way. This multi-million dollar industry is one of the most successful sectors when […]


Date posted: October 20, 2014

Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook: Hit Search Likes This

We’ve spoken a lot here on the Hit Search blog about the power of retargeting, and if you’re working on a retail site, it’s something you should already know plenty about. But are you getting as much from a retargeting campaign as you could? That’s the big question, and if you’re not using Facebook, the […]


Date posted: October 13, 2014

How do I ‘unlock’ the not-provided organic traffic in Google Analytics?

For many months now Google has largely removed the ability to see which keywords are driving organic traffic. Particularly non-brand. The reason why depends on how sceptic you are, but the official word from Google was to protect the users identity and therefore privacy. This issue from a client and agency point of view is […]


Date posted: October 10, 2014

What proportion of Organic traffic is being recorded as ‘Direct’ and why?

Background This is an interesting question that has come up many times over the past few years. It is an issue that many confuse with being a Google Analytics issue…it’s not, it is a Google issue affecting ALL web analytics tools. Essentially what is happening is a proportion of Organic traffic is being dumped into […]


Date posted: October 9, 2014

Hit Search Top 5 #SEOtip Round Up

It’s Thursday and that can only mean one thing – it’s time for the Hit Search #SEOtip of the day round up! Here we compile our best SEO and digital marketing tweets of the week. Make sure to follow us on Twitter here and keep up to date with our very handy SEO tips discussing […]


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