There is a growing understanding that Online PR can help to increase online visibility and drive visitors to a website.
  • "Create spikes of visibility and build up brand equity."
  • "Foster debate."
  • "Generate advocacy and build reputation."
  • "Enhance conversation and create buzz."
  • "Influencing the influencers."
Benefits of Online PR are becoming more tangible and measurable. Each press release now can easily be measured right down to its return on investment (ROI).  
Online Word of Mouth Monitoring
The rise of user-generated content ('UGC') and blogging means that there is a fast growing need to be able to monitor, engage with, and respond to what is being said about you, your brand and your product or service online.  
The perfect positive feedback loop for a well run campaign.
diagrams-02 HitSearch’s Reputation Management report captures the "buzz" that occurs on the Internet and segments the report in positive and negative press. HitSearch Reputation Monitor is an aggregation system which means that we run and manage all of the software and technologies necessary to collect the syndicated feeds are then stored in our database. Our monitors track over a quarter of a billion blogs, message boards, forums, news sites and social networking sites providing the most in-depth knowledge of your brand. Each client is allowed to track up to twenty unique keywords associated with its brand. For more information on our Online Reputation Management Service call our hotline on 0845 643 9289

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