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Lee Glynn

Are Your Measurements Correct? Measuring The Right Elements In A Fashion SEO Campaign


When running a fashion SEO campaign there are a myriad of different factors you need to keep an eye on to make sure you’re spending the right amount of time and money in the right areas. After all, you need to find out what elements are converting your visitors into paying customers. At the end of the day, you can be the best at SEO, but ranking #1 in Google means nothing if you’re not generating revenue.

Rankings are great, of course, but it’s the factors that are driving conversions that make the biggest difference.

Your Fashion SEO campaign needs to be measured effectively, and Google Analytics is one of the best tools for discovering website data, trends and clues on how to increase your revenue stream. Like the little black dress; knowledge never goes out of style. With this in mind, I’ve created a list of the top 5 elements you need to measure in your fashion campaign.

Non Branded, organic traffic.

If you’re getting a jump in traffic, it’s a good indication that you’re doing well when it comes to your keyword strategy. Of course, you need to make sure you’re being put in front of users for your branded terms on the SERP’s, but you also need to make sure you’re focusing on driving traffic for your non branded terms.

Let’s say you’re based in Essex and your company is called “Handy Handbags”, you should ensure you’re not only being found for “Handy Handbags Essex” in Google, but for terms like “women’s clutch handbags in Essex”.

Google Analytics was once the best way to find out which non-branded keywords are pushing users towards your site. Nowadays, due to greater tracking restrictions through the browsers, Google Webmaster Tools is the place to go. All you have to do is log in to your account and go to Search Traffic > Search Queries. Here you’ll find out which keywords are sending people to your site – a handy tool that also allows you to see if there are any areas that need improvement.

The ability to measure and see the difference between branded and non-branded organic traffic will give you a real edge over your competitors. You can also use the filter system in the Search Queries section to remove branded searches to give you a more detailed view of your non-branded traffic levels.

Measuring and differentiating between branded and organic traffic is a vital part of your campaign. Non branded searches are usually new visitors who might not know about your brand, but have found you because they’re looking for the same products or services you’re selling, whereas branded traffic are those visitors who already know who you are – both of which are very important.

Ethical links

Your campaign needs inbound links. This is just a fact of marketing and there’s no getting around it. However, one thing to remember is that your campaign needs GOOD links. The definition of a good link is a link that your customers will find whilst reading something relevant to your industry where you have been referenced.

Measuring what links you’re getting is a vital part of your overall SEO strategy and you should be aiming for 1 to 4 links a month from relevant websites. It’s important to remember that not every link is good for your website, as those placed on spammy sites that may still be live from previous efforts before the big Google Penguin update and those on directories won’t do you any good.

If you’re creating good content and you’re getting links because of it, measure which content is working best and put more time into that. It could be style tips or it could be the best handbags for 2nd dates, either way – if it’s working, keep it going.

The best way to measure how many new backlinks are pointing to your content is through the Majestic SEO tool.

Here’s a snapshot of Tommy Hilfiger’s website as an example of what you can find.



High quality traffic

If thousands of people visit your site every day without ever making a conversion, you’re never going to make a penny. Quick fix, black hat SEO techniques are still prevalent today, but usually get found out fairly quickly and penalised as they drive users to irrelevant content. A high number of visitors to your site is of course important, but if they’re bouncing straight away, something is seriously wrong.

The best way to measure whether you’re appealing to the right audience and generating quality traffic is through Google Analytics – just visit the Audience section and view the Behaviour report. Chances are you’ll find something quite enlightening.

When analysing the bounce rate, take into account the amount of time spent on the website and the number of pages the user is viewing per visit as these factors will let you know whether your visitor is actually interested in your products or services. If they are – great, if not you’re in trouble and potentially losing out on conversions.


Thanks to Google Analytics you can see which content is driving conversions on your own site and which content offsite has brought people to you from offsite guest posts or links. If people are interested in your own blog, reading it without bouncing too soon and then making a conversion, it’s quite obvious your copywriters are doing their job really well.

The fact is, if you’re creating content that is interesting and of use, you’ll see the benefit (especially if you’re using the right tools) by establishing yourself as a thought leader. People will flock to your website for the latest fashion trends, style tips, and insider gossip from the dressing room – or whatever it is you specialise in. All this will help you gain more links, press opportunities and conversions. If your content is performing, chances are your site will be too.

Social media engagement

Although you may not feel that social engagement has a direct knock on effect on conversions, it’s a valuable tool that has an undeniable long term value. Whether people are commenting on your posts, sharing your updates and engaging with you, you need to keep track of this and find out what aspects are driving that engagement. By measuring this element you can tailor content that keeps your brand fresh in their minds which ultimately drives conversions in the long run.

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