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863% increase in organic revenue

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the results

863 %
increase in organic revenue
696 %
increase in organic transactions
330 %
increase in conversion rate

What we did


The Challenge

As an experienced fashion digital marketing agency, we were tasked by ANGELEYE to improve their website’s organic online visibility, increase traffic to the site, improve the online conversion rate and increase the website’s ecommerce revenue.

There was also a secondary objective of increasing brand reach with the target audience. ANGELEYE have been stocked and sold in leading retail chains such as Debenhams, Silk, ASOS, Fred and Lipsy (Next) for some time, but they wanted to make existing and potential new UK customers more aware that they could now buy directly from the ANGELEYE website.

This could involve activity from social media for fashion marketing to SEO and digital PR, developing a bespoke marketing strategy for retail that fitted well with the brand values.


Our Solution

We developed digital audience personas for ANGELEYE, so that we could better identify and target their most profitable audience segments, and also highlight areas with the most growth potential. We also analysed how the existing website audience were finding and using the site, to help identify any patterns with drop offs or barriers to conversion.

We carried out technical SEO and content audits, to highlight any areas for improvement and we also analysed the website's backlink profile to see how this important search engine ranking metric compared to their competitors.



Using the data from our various audits and target personas, we developed a multi-channel digital marketing in ecommerce strategy that would encompass a combination of technical SEO changes, website content creation, and blogger outreach activity to build links and increase brand reach with the target audience, facilitating natural steady growth over the campaign period.




ANGELEYE was founded in Camden market in 2008.

ANGELEYE maintains the philosophy of creating trends and exciting fashion that is exclusively found at inspirational London landmarks such as where it was born in Camden market. This unique perspective and understanding of trends are ingrained in the DNA of ANGELEYE.

Their goal is to make the modern women feel confident, feminine and proud.


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