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4899 views and 193 engaged comments from 1 IGTV post...

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the results

from Instagram alone
impressions from Insta stories
from 1 IGTV post

What we did


The Challenge

Having previously increased organic revenue and transactions through the use of personas, we were ready to go even bigger with the next campaign, with our primary goal to raise brand awareness and increase site referral traffic to specific product pages.

We decided to approach this in the form of a sponsored influencer marketing campaign, promoting ANGELEYE’s wide selection of wedding guest dresses.

Our KPIs included a 15% increase in Instagram referral traffic, driven, qualified traffic to the site and a 20% increase in ANGELEYE’s Instagram following.


Our Solution

After using specific tools, such as Social Blade, to find an influencer who suited ANGELEYE’s image 100% and had a great organic and engaged following, we got in touch with ‘The Silver Mermaid’, an Instagram account run by influencer Katie. The overall audience reach of Katie’s Instagram channel is 47.7k, with an average engagement rate of 3.70%.

Our requirements for Katie, in exchange for four gifted dresses and a sponsorship fee, was to produce dedicated Instagram stories (marked with AD) which would showcase the ‘influencer top five picks’ of products from ANGELEYE, grid posts featuring her gifted products and an IGTV story. The stories would also feature the ‘swipe up’ link to allow viewers easy access to buy the products online.

We used trackable links so that we could measure the traffic being generated. The content created by Katie, using ANGELEYE products, could also be re-used in future re-targeting ads to continue to share ANGELEYE’s wedding guest dress messaging.


The Results

To put the below stats into perspective, the average Instagram user has an engagement rate of 5%. Any engagement rate above that, combined with a high number of followers, suggests that the content is being viewed by a larger quantity of highly engaged followers. This is the overall percentage of users that consecutively viewed The Silver Mermaid’s content featuring ANGELEYE.

Instagram carousel grid post – this received 1079 likes and 181 engaged comments.*
Instagram stories (13 frames) – 13% of Katie’s total audience viewed all 13 stories and the number of total impressions from the Stories was 18,629 Instagram users. The stories featured UTM links throughout and the number of clicks through from these to the website totalled 91. The traffic sent to the website by the three UTMs also had a very low bounce rate for this type of promotion, at 48.4%.**
IGTV – The IGTV post included brand tagging and a description about ANGELEYE and the wedding guest collaboration. This was another successful element of the campaign, receiving 4899 views and 193 engaged comments.***



Taking its creative inspiration from quirky London landmarks such as Camden Market (the company’s birthplace) ANGELEYE Fashion offers a unique perspective on contemporary styling and everyday fashion.

ANGELEYE combine their understanding for current trends with their desire to allow the modern woman to feel both feminine and confident through their products.


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