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Mobile Search booms in South America

Mobile Search booms in South America

Over the past two years mobile search has been growing very well indeed. Nokia Search based based in South America is great example of this and it has steadily increasing its userbase by 22 percent every month, with the number of searches made by those users up 24 percent on a monthly basis.

Building on that momentum, Nokia Search has an array of new local search providers, available in 15 countries across Latin America from today. Three new local search providers are joining the Nokia Search family, now spanning 38 countries worldwide.

In Latin America, people can search and access local directory content by Publicar in Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and with in Brazil and Seccion Amarilla in Mexico.

Nokia Search also has web content and local directory content search available for an additional 23 countries and is very popular

"We're on a mission to bring everyone the ultimate search capabilities, whether locally or on the web," says Jussi-Pekka Partanen, head of Nokia Search, Multimedia, Nokia.

"With the additions of our new local search providers and the new seamlessly integrated features of Nokia Search on even more devices, we're fast on the road to that goal."

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