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Yandex adds monthly forecasting tool

Yandex adds monthly forecasting tool

Yandex has added a new feature to its Yandex.Direct service that will offer a monthly budget forecasting tool for all users.

Advertisers will now be able to approximate their monthly budgets by selecting specific online parameters that match their company's needs, and as a result save money and time for testing their advertising campaigns.

The forecasted budget number is calculated using statistics from the Yandex.Direct system. To approximate this figure Yandex.Direct uses key phrases on which the ads will be displayed, the region where the ads will be displayed and the advertisements' position on the pages of Yandex search results.

"We have accumulated statistical data for over one million contextual ads, which serve as a base for forecasting an advertiser's monthly budget on Yandex.Direct," said Olga Visotskaya, a Yandex.Direct manager.

"Our forecasting tool has proven successful when used by partner advertising agencies, and we are pleased to finally offer this option to all of our clients."

In October 2007, the number of ad displays on Yandex.Direct exceeded one billion displays per week.

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