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Engage.com now support OpenSocial APIs

Engage.com now support OpenSocial APIs

Engage.com announced today that it will be supporting the new OpenSocial APIs launched today by Google as a fundamental step toward making the Web more social more quickly and easily.

Engage is a "social dating" community -- the first true hybrid of social networking and traditional online dating -- where singles actually have fun socializing with friends who help them casually explore attraction and make romantic connections.

OpenSocial supports a core Engage belief; that attraction happens naturally when singles have numerous opportunities, across multiple social features, to have fun, playfully interact, impress each other and connect, all with a little help from their friends.

Engage will leverage OpenSocial as an ideal platform for developing partnerships with other companies in the Web 2.0 universe, especially companies developing features that foster rich, personal connections.

"We're committed to delivering the best and most enjoyable dating and socializing features to our members, and we realize that some of those features will be developed externally," said Suneet Wadhwa, CEO of Engage.

"OpenSocial will help Engage members customize a social dating experience with features that are best of the Web, fun to use, personally comfortable and romantically rewarding." Engage is currently building out an OpenSocial developer sandbox and expects to actively participate in the community as it evolves.

OpenSocial is a set of common APIs, launched today by Google, for building social applications on the Web. Common APIs mean that developers only have to learn once in order to start building social applications for multiple websites, and any website will be able to implement OpenSocial and host social applications.

OpenSocial will bring more powerful and pervasive social capabilities to the web because developers will be able to develop and distribute their applications more easily. Users will be able to enjoy
new social features faster and in more of the websites, web applications, and social networks they use. More information is available at code.google.com.

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