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Dr Pepper's branded Game on the Apple iPhone

Dr Pepper's branded Game on the Apple iPhone

iPhone users do not have to wait until next February to experience the power of gaming thanks to the ingenuity of Dr Pepper. Today, Dr Pepper, the only soft drink with 23 flavors, released Matchcaps, the first-ever advergame designed specifically for the iPhone Safari browser.

"There's always more to Dr Pepper. Consumers want enhanced access to fun and games on their iPhones, and Dr Pepper will be the very first to deliver it to them," explained Andrew Springate, vice president of Dr Pepper marketing. "With the launch of this advergame, Dr Pepper can interact virtually with its consumers anytime, anywhere through their iPhones."

The game will follow the popular "match three" format that online gaming fans have loved for years. Unlike other games, the Dr Pepper game will not be affected by iPhone software updates, as it is accessed via the Safari browser.

Apple announced last week plans to distribute kits to third party application developers in February. Dr Pepper plans on converting the game for download to the iPhone once the developer kit is made available in the spring.

Find out more about Dr Pepper visit http://www.drpepper.com.

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