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Social Networking site introduces facial recognition technology

Social Networking site introduces facial recognition technology

Raxxle.com announced at the Ad:Tech Conference that it is releasing its new social networking community for beta testing.

The website goes beyond traditional sites by adding the ability to find a member's "twin" among other users of the community.

RaxxleMatch technology uses proprietary facial-recognition software to quickly and accurately perform complex analyses of facial characteristics.

Raxxle.com will also help members find their "Celebrity Raxxle" matches from a database of Hollywood stars, sports legends, historical figures and more.

"Raxxle.com is filled with some never before seen features designed to take the phenomenon of social networking to new heights," said it's Founder and CEO, Mr. James Cotgreave. "We're excited to open the site for beta testing, and preliminary feedback has been tremendously well received by testers."

Raxxle.com takes all the features users expect from a social network and makes them better. From personalized profiles and custom Flash-driven applications to a number of exciting features for mobile devices, Raxxle.com makes it easy for anyone to make it their own.

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