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Christmas PPC retail best practices

Christmas PPC retail best practices

Yahoo have produced an excellent article on the best practicies your PPC agency should be employing this Christmas season to get the best performance out of your campiagn.

"As the busy Christmas period is fast approaching, there is much preparation to be done for the annual surge in consumer spending. Search marketing is an essential element of this preparation. Retailers consistently rate search marketing as a primary online sales driver, and a fundamental part of the online marketing plan.

2006 Christmas shopping statistics
* Christmas is the most significant event in the UK's retail calendar
* 60% of annual turnover between November and January
* Consumers spent £7.6 billion online in the 10-week run-up to Christmas
* Online sales soared close to £1 billion a week
* Each person will spend an average of £390 on Christmas gifts, up 18% on 2005.

Consumer electronics research
Consumer electronics purchasers consult online & walk-in retail stores significantly more often, as they are the most popular purchase channels. As seen in the table below, outside of purchase channels, search engines play the leading role.

1. Online retail store 40%
2. Walk-in retail store 40%
3. Search Engine traffic 32%

Title and description targeting

Below are some suggestions to help drive relevance taraffic and ROI.

* Position the search term prominently in both title and description
* Customise descriptions by category, i.e. gifts vs. home décor
* Include special messaging
* pricing and promotions
* end date of promotions
* multi channel options, such as in store pick up
* last date for on time delivery
* Adjust message throughout the season
* Don't be overly general or specific in your creative
* Coordinate message with other promotions
* Consider competitive marketplace when determining whether pricing or overt branding is advantageous

Incorporating messaging into titles and descriptions
Below are some suggestions that your PPC agency should be incorporated into creative message this season:

Free delivery
3 for 2 offers
Free delivery with conditions
Free gift with purchase
Free gift with minimum purchase
Early shopper discount
Offline-online sale
First-time buyer discount
Repeat-buyer discount
Save X if you spend Y
Free delivery upgrade
Online only sale

When possible, adjust the message throughout the season and be sure to coordinate the message with other promotions on your website."

If you would like to know how Yahoo PPC can help your Online Marketing Campaign then contact HitSearch and see how we can help your business grow. Remember, its a big world outthere, make sure you become visible.

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