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Affiliate News: Retail application opens on Facebook

Affiliate News: Retail application opens on Facebook

Zazzle today launched an on-demand retail application on Facebook Platform that enables businesses and organizations to design and sell retail-quality products from their Facebook Pages.

Facebook Pages allows users to interact and affiliate with businesses and organizations in the same way they interact with other user profiles.

"Facebook Pages are an amazing new way for users, brands, artists, bands, celebrities, social organizations and more, to connect with their friends, fans and core target audience," said James Heckman, chief strategy officer, Zazzle.

"Offering merchandise is a seamless benefit for both parties. We are able to do it easily and offer high quality product to everyone, from major brands to individuals, with our totally unique custom on-demand retail application and proprietary technology."

The Zazzle Merch Store application lets Facebook users and commercial brands worldwide sell products with their own unique designs from their profiles and Facebook Pages.

Each user can design their own products on Zazzle by simply uploading images, text, or designs, making them instantly available for sale in their Merch Store. Designs can be placed upon a wide variety of products including t-shirts, posters, cards, and fashion apparel.

An example of how an affiliate would work is, users can design and sell any of the edun LIVE customizable fashion blank t-shirts that are socially conscious and ethically sourced available at Zazzle.

In addition, through Zazzle's "Name Your Royalty" feature, users can name the price of their products and how much money they make through Zazzle's on-demand retail platform. There are no set-up fees and no inventory to stock.

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