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Yahoo gives guide to improve PPC Quality Index

Yahoo gives guide to improve PPC Quality Index

Yahoo! Pay per click (PPC) adverts have been ranked using its new quality index since the launch of Panama earlier in the year.

The mythical quality score is something that can have a dramatic effect on your spending; so its nice to see that Yahoo! are working with advertisers and at least point them in the right direction of what some of the factors are that make up the quality index.

Yahoo recently offered up five tips to good quality on the Yahoo Search Marketing blog; they are:

Use relevant keywords
Include your keyword in your creative
Use ad testing
Gather intelligence
Offer specials

Yahoo then moved on to explain each point in more detail;

1) Make sure the keywords in your ad group are highly relevant to the ads in the same ad group.

2) Using the keyword itself in titles and descriptions of your ad. You can use the Insert Keyword feature to help you do this automatically.

Take advantage of excluded keywords-Use this feature to block certain searches that you think may not be relevant. This can help keep your budget focused on more likely prospects. For example, if you sell portable radios but not ham radio equipment, you can block searches that include the word "ham."

3) You may have noticed that when you create an ad in an Ad Group, you are prompted to create another one. You should do this in all of your ad groups, because when you create more than one ad, our system will test the ads automatically. Ads that perform better then begin to appear more frequently in search results, and you can edit or delete ads that perform poorly. Try different copy, different offers or different display URLs to help determine what works best.

4) Almost all's fair in love and advertising, so you shouldn't feel shy about spying on your competitors. And by spying, we mean searching for their products or services so you can look at their ads-not breaking into their offices, tapping their phones or any of that illicit Watergate stuff, OK? Take a look at your competitors' ads to determine if your offers are as strong as theirs.

5) Consider including special offers in your ad copy. Take a look at a calendar: It's chock-full of holidays that you should consider taking advantage of. Limited-time offers, free shipping, two-for-ones, free gifts, contests and so forth can be very effective. Remember, it's not just about your ad, it's also about the value that users think you can deliver.

If you would like to know how Yahoo PPC can help your Online Marketing Campaign then contact HitSearch and see how we can help your business grow. Remember, its a big world outthere, make sure you become visible.

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