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Top UK SEO keyword searches for November

Top UK SEO keyword searches for November

AOL today announced its announced its most popular Internet search results for the week ending 1st November, 2007. This weeks most popular SEO keyword search on the AOL search engine were as follows -

1) Halloween - Fright night 5
2) Leona Lewis - Tops the charts
3) Heather Mills - Wild claims on TV
4) Patsy Palmer - Bianca returns to the Square
5) Pumpkin soup - Favourite Halloween recipe
6) Juande Ramos - Wins first game at Spurs 4
7) 30 Days Of Night - Gripping horror
8) 2018 World Cup - England to bid
9) Saw IV - Tops US box office
10) Strictly Come Dancing - Feet of fury

The AOL team also split down the searches into sections Celebrity, Movies and Film, Television, Music, Games and Sport.

Top Searched Celebrities
1) Danielle Lloyd
2) Kiefer Sutherland
3) Michelle Ryan
4) Victoria Beckham
5) Anne Robinson

Top SEO Search Movies
1) Ratatouille
2) Stardust
3) Saw 4
4) 300
5) Star Trek

Top SEO Searches Television
1) Dragons' Den
2) Californication
3) Spooks
4) The X Factor
5) Strictly Come Dancing

Top SEO Searches Music
1) Radiohead
2) Sugababes
3) Bruce Springsteen
4) Take That
5) Rihanna

Top SEO Searches Games
1) World Of Warcraft
2) Nintendo Wii
3) Halo 3
4) The Impossible Quiz
5) Torn City

Top SEO Searches in Sport
1) Rugby World Cup
2) Jonny Wilkinson
3) Sebastien Chabal
4) Lewis Hamilton
5) WWE

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