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70% of online marketing campaigns delayed

70% of online marketing campaigns delayed

A survey released today reported that 70 percent of online marketing campaigns do not get launched on time, leading to a potential loss of new business leads.

According to the survey, which was conducted by PK Data on behalf of SDL Tridion, 59 percent of marketers acknowledged that the Web is "critical" to their global brand and marketing strategy, yet a combination of lengthy internal approval processes, IT department backlogs and the type of Web content management system they use makes getting Web content approved and published "painfully slow" or "bumpy" at best.

The report also says that 76% of the marketers change their Web site content at least once a week, or even daily.

When asked which departments are most involved in managing their Web site, the responsibility was split nearly evenly across marketing, communications and IT.

Overly-complicated internal approval processes and dissatisfaction with the Web content management (WCM) system, whether software or manual, were mentioned as the reasons behind delays by 52 percent of the respondents.

Nearly half of the respondents agreed that overloaded IT departments contributed to the delays, confirming opinions expressed by industry experts that IT is bogged down with web content requests that could be more easily handled by marketing and communications departments.

"As the Web picks up speed daily, there are internal forces at work that are slowing it down," said Erik Aeyelts Averink, president, Products & Solutions for SDL Tridion.

"This can have a huge impact on a company's ability to compete globally and meet business goals. These days, a customer who can't find what they need or who has a frustrating experience on your Web site, can easily go elsewhere.

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