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Search Marketing – comScore rolls out a Direct API

Search Marketing – comScore rolls out a Direct API

comScore today announced the introduction of the comScore MyMetrix Application Programming Interface ("API"), a means by which comScore clients can retrieve comScore data in XML format directly from comScore databases and integrate it with their own internal data sources and systems.

"Our clients ran about 3.3 million reports last year, an 80-percent increase versus the previous year," said Linda Boland Abraham, comScore executive vice president of product management.

"The comScore MyMetrix API addresses the growing need to integrate comScore data with other data sources in an automated and seamless way.

As businesses increasingly utilize complex reporting and customer targeting applications based on multiple data sources, publishers and advertisers have a need for an optimized and customizable solution that can deliver critical business
intelligence directly to their core marketing planning and analysis systems."

The benefits of the comScore API include:

** Simplified access - Direct access to comScore databases

** Reduced operational costs - Reports that are currently run and downloaded manually every month can now be automated, with minimal intervention required

** Customization - Can use in-house report generation tool in addition to standard syndicated reporting interface

** Increase business intelligence and efficiency - Spend less time running and downloading reports and more time analyzing data and increasing business intelligence

"We were very excited to learn about the comScore Media Metrix API," said John Sollecito, Vice President, Digital Media Research, MTV Networks.

"Our digital research needs require that we integrate Media Metrix data with internal data sources and systems in order to develop the holistic business intelligence we need.

The comScore Media Metrix API enables us to ingest comScore data very efficiently, allowing MTV Networks to spend more time analyzing and making sound business decisions based on these valuable data."

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