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Research says Webmasters really like Google…

Research says Webmasters really like Google…

University bods at Penn State have performed a study of robots.txt files from over 7500 websites and found that website have a bais towards Google.

Really; whats their next study - Is the sun hot?

On the face of things this study doesn't provide us with anything that is of interest; however dig a little deeper and you will find some fastinating statistics that are useful for websmasters and marketers alike.

Google dominates yet again

For example - Robots Exclusion Protocol (the standard that governs robots.txt's file) is adotped most in America 45.93% of sites in the USA adopted the protocaol compared to European (37.8%) and Asian (15.4%) sites.

93.8% of robots.txt files have rules for the universal robots

72.4% of the named robots appeared only once or twice

46.02% of newspaper websites currently have implemented robots.txt files

"We expected that robots.txt files would treat all search engines equally or maybe disfavor certain obnoxious bots, so we were surprised to discover a strong correlation between the robots favored and the search engines' market share."

Google Market Share

"Robots.txt files are written by Web policy makers and administrators who have to intentionally specify Google as the favored search engine," said C. Lee Giles, the David Reese Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State.

Excellent research and one I hope they continue to develop. If you would like to more about the project goto Penn State Live.

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