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PPC – New design reduces Google's accidental clicks

PPC – New design reduces Google's accidental clicks

Katie Mandel from Google AdSense Product Marketing today announced that a design change to some of their adverts have had a success at stopping accidental clicks.

Katie exaplins "Continuing these improvements, we've just changed our text ads slightly to help reduce accidental clicks. In the past, users could click on both the background and full text of an ad, but now they can click only on the title and URL of a text ad.

By allowing users to click only on the ad title and URL, we aim to decrease accidental clicks, better aligning visitor behavior with their intent. Overall, the decrease in accidental clicks will keep users on your website, interacting your content, until they intend to click on an ad.

An example of the new design compare ot the old design can be seen below -

Google Invalid Clicks

We currently monitor clicks on Google ads for accidental clicks, and the format change complements our monitoring system by further ensuring advertisers only pay for meaningful clicks.

By reducing accidental clicks, we hope to increase advertiser campaign value and satisfaction, encouraging additional spend and facilitating higher monetization for all publishers."

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