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Top UK SEO keyword searches for November (16th)

Top UK SEO keyword searches for November (16th)

Lycos today announced its announced its most popular Internet search results for the week ending 16th November, 2007. This weeks most popular SEO keyword search on the Lycos search engine were as follows -

1) Lycos
2) Sex
3) Mp3
4) Paris Hilton
5) Gina Wild
6) Zidane
7) Pamela Anderson
8) Cristiano Ronaldo
9) Chat
10) Football
11) Dating
12) Carmen Electra
13) Shakira
14) Jennifer Lopez
15) Britney Spears
16) Jenna Jameson
17) Clara Morgane
18) Tatu
19) Online Dating
20) Madonna
21) Christina Aguilera
22) Katie Price
23) Lingerie
24) Wolverine
25) Tribal
26) Zinedine Zidane
27) Angelina Jolie
28) Jennifer Aniston
29) Eminem
30) Monica Bellucci
31) Eva Longoria
32) U2
33) Jessica Alba
34) Abi Titmuss
35) Bikini
36) Jo Guest
37) Prince
38) Pinder
39) Michelle Hunziker
40) Robbie Williams
41) Kylie Minogue
42) David Beckham
43) Big Brother
44) Halle Berry
45) Brad Pitt
46) Anna Kournikova
47) Cameron Diaz
48) Celine Dion
49) Keira Knightley
50) Loans

Matt Damon was named the "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine. His buddies, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, campaigned for him to earn the title for years. Other inclusions on this year's list of sexy men include Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Adrian Grenier, and Patrick Dempsey. No boys from the Lycos 50 made it this year - sorry, Clay Aiken fans.

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