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mig33: The zobile Social Network with 2m users

mig33: The zobile Social Network with 2m users

mig33 today announced its growth has accelerated to more than 20,000 new sign ups a day and its total user base has now soared above to more than 8 million in 200 countries around the world.

Already, this user base has created more than 165,000 chat rooms for conversations among friends around the block or across the globe. Users have uploaded more than 3 million unique scrapbook photos and 20,000 new images a day circulate through the network.

Collectively, the user base sends more than 34 million messages every day. "Our success represents the future of mobile social networking," said Steven Goh, CEO and co-founder of mig33.

"We're attracting tens of thousands of new consumers every day to mobile social networking because they can carry their network of friends and family wherever they go. They aren't limited to having the social networking experience on their computer only."

"mig33 satisfies all my needs," said Qiong, a mig33 user in Los Angeles. "mig facilitates my usage of several different IM accounts by combining them, still allows me to browse internet at the same time, and continually makes effort to include more functions. If you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should."

mig33 works on most mobile phones, even basic models, regardless of carrier, and creates an instant global mobile community experience to share with existing and new friends.

The technology was built for the mobile phone, making mig33 an integrated and easy way to access mobile instant communications around the globe. Users share content while chatting in forums or specific chat rooms they create to build their own personal communities.

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