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Video owners urged to use content tracking tools

Video owners urged to use content tracking tools

More than 80 percent of media and entertainment executives surveyed in a new poll believe that broadcast and Internet video content owners are at risk of damaging their financial bottom- lines if they do not employ technology to track, monitor and measure content.

Fifty-five percent of executives polled favored eliminating digital rights management and allowing content to be distributed freely with "tagging" and tracking use of the material, as is done by digital watermarking and fingerprinting technologies.

These are among the highlights of the Digital Video Barometer Executive Survey, released today by television and interactive media research authority, Myers Publishing, LLC, and Teletrax(R), the global broadcast intelligence company. Teletrax is a subsidiary of Medialink Worldwide Incorporated (Nasdaq: MDLK).

Nearly 300 media and entertainment industry executives responded to the online survey, which was conducted during the month of September 2007 by Myers' survey research team and commissioned by

"With the proliferation of new media channels and platforms, it's imperative for content owners and the broader industry to protect content and evaluate the effectiveness of the various business models," said Jack Myers, president of Myers Publishing LLC.

"We are pleased to launch the Digital Video Barometer Executive Survey, the first in an ongoing series that will periodically gauge the views and attitudes of industry leaders on critical topics related to the digital video marketplace."

Most of the media and entertainment executives surveyed said that content owners should place a high priority on implementing technology tools for tracking, monitoring and measuring Internet video content (72 percent) and broadcast video content (62 percent).

Large majorities of the executives polled said watermarking or fingerprinting technologies are fairly or highly useful for video content protection (71 percent), contract compliance (66 percent), and asset management (58 percent).

"These survey results reinforce key trends we are seeing in the mediaand entertainment marketplace," said Teletrax chief marketing officer Peter Winkler. "Rather than locking up video content with restrictive digital rights management technology, major media companies are turning to tracking and monitoring solutions such as digital watermarking to ensure content protection and monetization."

The survey results also emphasized the heightened importance of tracking systems as video increasingly migrates from television to the Internet.

Sixty-four percent of survey respondents said it is fairly or highly important for copyright content owners to have a technology or system that could take an inventory of all its copyrighted content that is contained on social networking sites at any one time.

However, only 40 percent of the media and entertainment executives polled said they are supportive of Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against YouTube/Google for copyright infringement.

Respondents were generally bullish on the growth of Internet video content and the shift in consumption of video content from TV to the Internet. Eighty percent of the executives polled said that at least 40 percent, if not a greater proportion, of video content will be consumed on the Internet (versus television) in 2012.

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