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SEO – This years most searched Xmas toys and games

SEO – This years most searched Xmas toys and games

Lycos today announced its eighth annual list of the most popular toys and video games this holiday season, based on Internet search activity.

The Top 10 Most-Searched (SEO) Toys this holiday season:
(1) Poker
(2) Naruto
(3) Pokemon
(4) Harry Potter
(5) Webkinz
(6) iPod
(7) Barbie
(8) Bratz
(9) Neopets
(10) Hannah Montana

The Top Ten Most-Searched (SEO) Video Games this holiday season:
(1) RuneScape
(2) The Sims
(3) WWE Smackdown
(4) Mortal Combat
(5) World of Warcraft
(6) Halo 2
(7) Grand Theft Auto Vice City
(8) Resident Evil
(9) Gundam Crossfire
(10) Halo 3

Poker and specific poker-related items like poker chips, poker cards and poker sets top the 2007 list of most-searched toys with web users for the third consecutive year.

Online interest in poker generates only three percent more search activity than the second most popular toy of 2007, Naruto. Pokemon (SEO Number 3) makes the Lycos Top Toys list for the second year in a row, while Yu-Gi-Oh continues its decline in search popularity.

The last time Yu-Gi-Oh made the Lycos Top Toys list was in 2004. Harry Potter (SEO Number 4) makes its fourth consecutive appearance this year, with the most popular Harry Potter-themed searches centering on Harry Potter games, books, DVDs and Harry Potter puppets.

Two newcomers enter the Lycos Top Toys list of 2007, including Webkinz(SEO Number 5), the lovable plush pets that live in an online world, doubling in search popularity over the past year, generating 10 times more interest online than Neopets (SEO Number 9).

Also making her debut on this year's list is Hannah Montana (SEO Number 10), the Disney Channel Series starring actress Miley Cyrus.

If web search activity is any indication, the most popular Hannah Montana-related gifts this holiday season will include Hannah Montana Dolls. But in the doll category, Barbie (SEO Number 7) continues to rule, extending her run on the annual Lycos list of Top Toys and Video Games to eight consecutive years in the Top 10.

Interestingly, while search interest in Barbie dropped slightly in 2007, she still handily beat out the Bratz (SEO Number 8) Dolls, generating nearly twice as much interest online.

In the absence of new product releases, gaming consoles like Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Gamecube, see activity decline for the second straight year, losing more than half of their online search popularity, while the iPod (SEO Number 6) makes its third consecutive appearance on the Lycos Top Toys list, driven primarily by the release of the iPod Nano.

The online toy, department and specialty stores seeing the biggest jump in search activity over the past month include:

(1) Amazon
(2) Target
(3) Toys R Us
(4) Gap
(5) Best Buy
(6) Walmart
(7) eBay
(8) Circuit City
(9) Abercrombie & Fitch
(10) Barnes and Noble

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