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Black Friday and MSN adCenter

Black Friday and MSN adCenter

Carolyn from the adCenter Community Team posted on the official adCenter some excellent commentary on Black Friday and the season nature of Online Advertising and also some revealed what Live Search's typical conversion rate is.

Carolyn comments "Before we send those of you in the U.S. off for a happy Thanksgiving holiday, we wanted to share some research to help with your holiday campaign planning.

First off, interesting information from the Atlas Institute. Their findings show that last year, the busiest online shopping day was Monday, December 11 the second Monday before Christmas.

MSN Adcenter

Atlas predicts this year's busiest day will be Monday, December 10th. Other learnings from the Atlas Institute study:

Mondays and Tuesdays are high volume shopping days throughout the holiday season
Target your ads during the middle of the day to reach those shopping online while at work
Maintain an online presence throughout the season, not just during predicted peaks

These holiday best practices provide you with ad copy, budgeting, and research tips, as well as a detailed calendar timeline, calling out key dates such as:

Last day for free shipping: typically on or around December 14
Last day for 2-day shipping: December 20The best practices document also contains info about the Live Search audience you can reach with adCenter:

Over 17 million unique users per month (1)
Over 56 million searches per month (1)

This audience converts well too: Live Search converted 3.1 percent of searchers to buyers (2).

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving,
Carolyn, adCenter Community Team

1. comScore Category Search Shares September 1, 2007
2. Nielsen Online Search Referral Effectiveness study, August 2007"

If you would like to know more about the history of Black Friday and how it come about then head on over to Wikipedia for a full explaination. The post also points out that 3.1% of searchers of Live search go on to make a purchase.

If you want to know how MSN adCenter can increase the exposure of your brand - contact HitSearch and see how we can help target your customers. Remember, its a big world outthere, make sure you become visible.

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