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Yandex moves into mobile search

Yandex moves into mobile search

Yandex today took its first step into mobile search by partnering with mobile phone manufacturer High Tech Computer Corp (HTC Corp).

Yandex Mobile

HTC copt have rolled its first shipment of the new flagship model smartphones HTC TyTN II with built-in Yandex search has just arrived to Russia.

The HTC TyTN II smartphones will allow users to perform a Yandex search from the device's "home screen."

The phones will be branded up in the same manner that Google have branded searches in the UK and will feature a Yandex trademark sticker on the package.

"Pre-uploaded mobile applications make our devices more efficient for end-consumers," says Scott Cheng, HTC's regional director for Russia and the CIS. "Most importantly, these applications from Yandex are developed specifically for the Russian market."

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