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Streamy.com: Killing Digg.com? No just boring RSS readers

Streamy.com: Killing Digg.com? No just boring RSS readers

RSS feeds have revolutionised the web; they have allowed content on website to be passed round to the masses as soon as its been published; its extremely powerful tool but can one that the vast majority of novice users find quite difficult to implement into their surfing patterns.

The reason for this primarily is that RSS reads have typically allows been boring text based systems. That is before Streamy came along; read what its founder has to say and then take the time to review the screencast. You will be glad you did!

"In describing Streamy, one of the foremost comparisons that have been made is with Digg - the submit-and-vote social news site with a large, strong community.

Killing Digg is not our goal. Our goal is to bring you personally relevant news in an engaging, collaborative environment. That is not by any means mutually exclusive to a voting model.

With that in mind, we do intend to kill the dry, boring RSS reader. I’m talking about the inbox-style RSS reader that is not intriguing, not social, and makes little or no attempt at personal relevance.

We have created a system that aggregates syndicated content, channels it through your new and existing social networks, and creates a sum that is greater than its parts. Otherwise, as an aggregator, we do not replace tools - we mesh them into a new experience."

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