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SEO – Top searches for w/e November 23rd

SEO – Top searches for w/e November 23rd

AOL today announced its announced its most popular Internet search results for the week ending 23rd November, 2007. This weeks most popular SEO keyword search on the AOL search engine were as follows -

1. I'm A Celebrity
- Britains top reality drama back on the screens
2. Leona Lewis
- Former X Factor winner tops the album charts
3. iPhone
- Proving a massive hit in the UK at the moment
4. Steve McClaren
- Sacked England Football Manager
5. Janice Dickinson
- Contraversdial jungle star
6. Omer Golan
- Israel Soccer star scores late goal to help England
7. American Gangster
- New Gripping gangster staring Denzel Washington
8. The Queen
- It was the 60th wedding anniversary of the Queen
9. Cyclone Sidr
- Thousands dead in Bangladesh Cyclone
10. Strictly Come Dancing
- Feet of fury

Most Searched Celebrity
1) Janice Dickinson
2) Gemma Atkinson
3) Angelina Jolie
4) Paris Hilton
5) John Borrowman

Most Searched Movie Subject
1) Beowulf
2) American Gangster
3) Hairspray
4) IMDb
5) Harry Potter

Most Searched Television Program
1) I'm A Celebrity
2) EastEnders
3) The Gadget Show
4) The X Factor
5) Strictly Come Dancing

Most Searched Music Artist
1) Leona Lewis
2) Spice Girls
3) Take That
4) Boyzone
5) Kanye West

Most Searched Video Games
1) Nintendo Wii
2) Assassin's Creed
3) Call Of Duty 4
4) Sonic The Hedgehog
5) Torn City

Most Searched Sports Topic
1) Euro 2008
2) WWE
3) Arsenal
4) Liverpool
5) Andy Fordham

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