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Skoda Promotes Fabia With Mobile Marketing Image Recognition

Skoda Promotes Fabia With Mobile Marketing Image Recognition

Skoda continues to use MyClick platform to promote its newest model, Fabia, via a mobile WAP site and MMS MyClick advertising platform, delivering a unique brand experience to consumers, reaching end users with instant services and building up its own user base.

Skoda is using MyClick, the World's leader in mobile image matching, to provide an interactive platform for mobile users to access "Believe of life" information by simply clicking their mobile phone camera.

"Skoda is our loyal customer. It continues to adopt our image recognition platform to reach mobile users anytime, anywhere. Users just need to capture the Fabia logo and send the logo image through MMS to 106631111 to receive the "Believe of life" information including latest product and road show details, test drive booking, MV and video clip downloads and ringtone customization amongst other fun and entertaining information," said Justin Tsang, CTO of MyClick Media Ltd.

MyClick is a mobile marketing image recognition pioneer. Anyone with a camera in their mobile device can utilize MyClick's photo matching technology to gain 'one click access' to mobile Internet content, services, rewards and gifts.

Users capture and submit MyClick-enabled logos, objects, images and codes either via MyClick's award-winning application or via email or MMS. Global brands have already placed MyClick enabled images on 150 million consumers touch points and are leveraging MyClick's robust back-end data- reporting platform. MyClick Media is a winner of the APICTA Award, and was named Top 20 Most Innovative Enterprise in China as well as the Asia Mobile Innovation Top Innovator designation. Visit http://www.myclick.com.hk for more information.

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