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Google Zeitgeist 2008 – Top Searched Terms in Singapore

Google Zeitgeist 2008 – Top Searched Terms in Singapore

Google have today released the most searched term on Google in Singapore and it gives a glimpse into what people of Singapore search for when they visit the biggest search engine in the world.

Google have cut through the enormous list of data and have complied a list of the fastest rising terms for 2008. Its become on of those subjects that has a huge interest in internet ircles but barely a ripple elsewhere.

As we mentioned last week Google’s new tools such as Google Insight and Google Trends essentially make every day a Zeitgeist day but the publishing of the years Zeitgeist list is a tradition now and it’s the time of year for tradition so who are we to break it.

Google Zeitgeist 2008 Singapore

The fasterest rising searched terms on Google Singapore

Global Zeitgeist fastest growing top 10 :

1) edison chen
2) olympics
3) facebook
4) iphone
5) f1
6) google map
7) htc
8) maps
9) wiki
10) beijing olympics

Here is the most searched terms in Singapore

1) lyrics
2) youtube
3) yahoo
4) map
5) google
6) games
7) wiki
8) facebook
9) blog
10) video

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