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Google Zeitgeist USA Trends lists

Google Zeitgeist USA Trends lists

Each year the Google Zeitgeist lists and the Zeitgeist USA lists in particular are poured over with interest as people in the search marketing business try to glean gems of information from the year's search patterns. As well as this data there are lists that are just plain old interesting.

This year one of the things that caught our eye was the figures from the Google Translation tools. Below is a list of the fastest rising translated words.

1. you
2. what
3. thank you
4. please
5. love

Showing that no matter how global communications become there is always time for good manners!

Commerce, however, is never far from people's minds at this time of year and the glance at the lists of popular products searches shows that although there is a lot of economic gloom around consumer spending is still going strong :

  1. nintendo wii
  2. wii fit
  3. ipod touch
  4. xbox 360
  5. nintendo ds
  6. ipod nano
  7. uggs
  8. nikon d90
  9. zune
  10. digital picture frame

and aside from a strong performance by people looking for Ugg boots it's games and gadgetry that is dominating the search lists.

There is such a lot of data available to users nowadays. Google Zeitgeist is a nice end of year package but as mentioned before on this site it helps if you can gain a 365.25 days a year approach to online trends and this year more than ever Google has helped us acheive this with it's stats and web analysis tools.

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