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LinkShare Drives Retail Sales Up 17% on Black Friday and 21% on Cyber Monday

LinkShare Drives Retail Sales Up 17% on Black Friday and 21% on Cyber Monday

LinkShare today announced that retailers within its network significantly out-performed other online retailers in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, reporting double digit increases in same store revenue year-over-year.

While the retail world has been bracing for a holiday shopping season with lower-than-usual revenue due to a tough economy, retailers in LinkShare's affiliate network were able to dramatically outpace comScore's reported 1 percent growth for this annual shopping day.

LinkShare's retailers rely on the network's affiliates to promote their brand and products to online consumers. In light of the bad economy, LinkShare distributed a series of e-newsletters to its advertisers which included past shopping trend data as well as industry "best practices" on how to maximize online sales -- both pre- and- post holiday. Network retailers and affiliates offered special "Black Friday" promotions, coupons, and deals to online shoppers who made purchases that day.

"We were pleased to see such a big increase in revenue for our partners," said Yasuhisa "Yaz" Iida, co-president, LinkShare. "Our network is made up of advertisers and publishers that work closely together to bring online shoppers quality brands and products.

These members have been working especially hard this season in order to keep revenue up while offering shoppers the best deals possible. These results reflect, despite a tough economic climate, consumers' desire to continue the tradition of holiday shopping, while paying particular attention to brand and product promotions."

Retailers within the LinkShare network also saw a large and unexpected increase in this year's "Cyber Monday" sales. According to comScore, online retailers, on average, experienced a 15 percent increase in sales on this popular "cyber" shopping day over last year, while LinkShare's merchants saw a 21 percent increase year over year on a same store basis.

Within LinkShare's network, the categories that brought in the highest revenue were department stores, toys/games, apparel, and high-end luxury brands.

The weeks leading up to "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" saw increased click-through activity within the network, reflecting the US shopper's commitment to finding the best deals this shopping season. These "clicks" became purchases as consumers went back to take advantage of online retailers' product promotions.

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