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SEO – Top US web searches for w/e November 26rd

SEO – Top US web searches for w/e November 26rd

AOL US today announced its most popular Internet search results for the week ending 26th November, 2007.

Trent Lott tops the list after he announced that he was to step down from the Senate and people are desperately searching for 'Dancing With the Stars' since it is time to narrow down the contestants and pick a winner.

This weeks most popular SEO keywords on the AOL US search engine were as follows -

(1) Trent Lott
- Announces that he is was quitting Senate

(2) 'Dancing With the Stars' voting
- Who is going to win? Mel B maybe?

(3) ABC 'Dancing With the Stars'
- Vote continued for your favorite star

(4) Acai berry
- The latest health trend

(5) Ingrid Marie Rivera
- Wins Miss Puerto Rico 2008

(6) Rosanna Arquette
- Said to be dating Paul McCartney

(7) Baby Grace
- Arrest and possible ID made

(8) Boston Red Sox
- The amount of money they were paid for winning World Series

(9) Student loans
- Consolidate your loans

(10) 'The Simpsons'
- Movie gets the BAFTA Award

(11) Pamela Anderson
- Kid Rock says their marriage was a nightmare

(12) Amy Winehouse
- Incarcerated husband wants her in rehab

(13) Lindsay Lohan
- Gets therapy with her fam

(14) Paris Hilton
- Says she didn't leak Nicole's shower pics

(15) Miami Dolphins
- Can't win a game

(16) 'Young and the Restless'
- Victoria is still in a coma

(17) Jennifer Love Hewitt
- Wants to stop puppy mills

(18) 'Good Morning America'
- Set gets redecorated

(19) Low airfares
- Make your holiday plans

(20) Multiple sclerosis
- Learn more about it

The AOL hot search list is dominated by the TV show Dancing with the Stars at the moment and you can see that the traffic levels for the search term "Dancing with the Stars" has been pretty similar to when the program was last aired. Google trends images perfectly illustrates this.

Dancing with the stars

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