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Maxim Sidorov Named Winner of Yandex Cup

Maxim Sidorov Named Winner of Yandex Cup

The final round of the ninth (and the last) Yandex Cup in Internet search is over. This year, Maxim Sidorov of Togliatti was named "The Person Who Found Everything". He filled the last vacancy to participate in the Cup Winners' Cup next year.

Anton Martysevich from Minsk (Belorus) is the first runner up, Oleg Morenkov from Basel (Switzerland) is the second runner up.

To win in the final round, a participant had 39 minutes to find answers to more questions than other contestants. The winner scored best result with seven answers.

The Cup's final round was broadcast live from the studio of ?2TV, the first youth channel. The show was hosted by Andrey Sebrant, head of Marketing for Yandex Services, and Aleksey Charykov, winner of the fifth Yandex Search Cup.
The Cup in Internet search is a competition started by Yandex in 2001. Since then, the Cup's tournaments have gathered various audiences in various regions. This year, the Yandex Cup was held for the last time.

Winner's answers to the competition questions:

(1).The sculpture of what animal stands at the crossing of Gogol street and Kirov street in Uzhura?
Answer: Elephant

(2). Whose dummy head was displayed for beating at the opening of an entertainment park to the south of Krymsky Val?
Answer: Neville Chamberlain's

(3). What is the name of an institution in Tambov Oblast, where the daughter of Illarion, the son of Malaphy, had worked for over 25 years?
Answer: Solnyshko (Sunny)

(4). What was the year when Trachia was plundered and burnt?
Answer: 550 AD

(5). How many cases are there in Elena Moldavskaya's archive fund?
Answer: 82

(6). Who waived their DPhil thesis defense on November 24, 1984?
Answer: A. S. Berezner

(7). What carnivorous mammal (Latin name) has cubs, whose birth weight is three orders smaller than the weight of an adult animal?
Answer: Ailuropoda melanoleuca

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