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22 Online Marketing Predictions for 2009

22 Online Marketing Predictions for 2009

It's that time of year again; when all Santa's little marketing companies stick their neck out, polish their crystal balls and make bold predictions for what's in the offing in the coming year.

We here at HitSearch have been no different and have come up with 22 predictions of our own; covering all things Search and Online Marketing - have a read through and comment - Your feedback is always Amazing :)

2009 Video Search Predictions - Blinkx to raise its profile with high profile partnerships; will gain more market share ion the video search market

2009 Search Predictions - Russian Search Engines establish a foothold in English speaking markets

2009 Search Predictions - Microsoft and Yahoo finally get it on

2009 Search Predictions - Mobile Internet search will reach 4% - 5% of all Internet searches by end of 2009

2009 Search Predictions - Google looks to dominate Display advertising and will offer new tracking functionality into Analytics

2009 Search Predictions - To combat Google squeeze on display Adverts Yahoo will offer Display ads on the results page

2009 Search Predictions - Google Wont be as "trusted" by consumers; Apple launches a new social network project

2009 Search Predictions - Microsoft / Live Search will look to add Ask.com to its network

2009 Search Predictions - Microsoft / Live Search move towards to CPA based model on its PPC

2009 Search Predictions - Click Fraud will raise its head again

2009 Search Predictions - Twitter doesn't get a business model; its gets bought

2009 Search Predictions - Google, Yahoo or MSN will buy Twitter mid 2009 to strengthen their mobile play. They fight off Nokia and Facebook

2009 Mobile Predictions - iPhone / iTouch App Downloads will top 1 billion in 2009

2009 Mobile Predictions - iPhone becomes a recognised gaming platform

2009 Mobile Predictions - Flickr userbase grows in double digits due to massive mobile uptake in 2009

2009 Blogging Predictions - Wordpress make search engine push

2009 Search Predictions - Myspace share of the Social Networking market drops as Facebook dominates US Social Network science.

2009 Search Predictions - Inturn Facebook applications will still annoy people! More Zombies, Pirates and Poking goes on.

2009 Search Predictions - Facebook will promote its own Search Engine.

2009 Search Predictions - Friends Reunited is sold by ITV

2009 Search Predictions - Larges corporations will still be struggling with Social Media; making some spectacular errors

2009 Online Marketing Predictions - Display Adverts targeting become more accurate; as online segmentation benefits are understood more

2009 Online Marketing Predictions - Traditional marketing spend will move online at an increasing rate

Only time will tell if there predictions are utter rubbish but whatever the outcome 2009 is going to be a great year for Online Marketing!

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