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Top twenty SEO searches on the November 28th

Top twenty SEO searches on the November 28th

AOL today announced its "Hot Searches" results; most popular moving Internet search results that occur on the AOL search engine. Top twenty hot SEO searches on the November the 28th, 2007 are as follows:

(1) Kim Kardashian
-- Rumours that she faked a robbery for publicity

(2) Marie Osmond
-- Dancing with the Stars contestant gets 3rd place

(3) Hulk Hogan
-- Set to divorce his long term spouse

(4) Kevin Dubrow
-- Dies aged 52

(5) Baby Grace
-- Father says that missing baby was loved

(6) Electric mobility scooter
-- Find one online

(7) Zach Wilson
-- Has the marriage called off

(8) Tameka Foster
-- Bady news; gives birth to a baby boy

(9) NFL
-- Green Bay face-off against the Cowboys

(10) Nicole Richie
-- said to be making amends with her biological parents?

(11) 50 cent
-- On an episode of 'Cribs'

(12) 'Shrek the Halls'
-- Premieres on ABC

(13) Fantasy football
-- Check on your team during this season

(14) Paris Hilton
-- Wants her baby to play with Nicoles

(15) Lindsay Lohan
-- Her upcoming trial to be taped

(16) Rihanna
-- Named a Style Star by 'Seventeen'

(17) Barbie
-- Still a favorite Christmas present

(18) Christina Aguilera
-- Preggerz poses for 'Marie Claire'

(19) Britney Spears
-- Denies pregnancy rumors

(20) 'High School Musical'
-- Moves the show on tour

AOL also revealed what where the most searched Colleges and Universities in the America are; The list can be found below -

(1) University of Michigan
(2) Boston College
(3) University of Florida
(4) Indiana University
(5) University of Delaware
(6) University of Maryland
(7) Ohio State University
(8) Virginia Tech
(9) University of Virginia
(10) University of Arizona

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