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A Day in Search on Twitter

A Day in Search on Twitter

MSN News - MSN Direct Expands GPS Navigation Services and Partner Ecosystem http://ow.ly/2xk

Microsoft Outlook plug-in Xobni get $7 Million funding has partnerships with LinkedIn, Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Skype http://ow.ly/2xj

Google Street View - Google Street View Helps Find Missing Child in America http://ow.ly/2xi

Google News - Google trims the fat by laying off temporary workers but Google keeps numbers under wraps. http://ow.ly/2xh

"'Adamo' To Be Thinner than MacBook Air" - How think does a laptop need to be! http://ow.ly/2q5

Study - Online over High Street - 81% of online consumers believe Internet offers a wider range of products

Google News - Google China and Baidu apologise for p0rn links. Sorry China. http://ow.ly/2xf

Online Marketing - Center Parcs launches major online push. http://ow.ly/2tA

MSN in Indonesia broaden porfolio by partnering with news companies MNC Group. http://ow.ly/2tv

Anonymous Group In Line To Buy Yahoo? Sureely not? http://ow.ly/2tr

Google Adwords News - Google AdWords Downtime on January 10, 10am-2pm PST http://ow.ly/2rj

Microsoft Live Search News 0- Liver Search will be preinstalled as default search engine on Verizon mobile phones. http://ow.ly/2tl

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