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A Monday Morning in Search Marketing

A Monday Morning in Search Marketing

Google Mobile - Google Android runs on Redfly Smartphone Terminal netbook http://ow.ly/32H

Malware scam using Google developer site. Google's free code-hosting website being used to distribute malware http://ow.ly/32b

T-Mobile G1 (HTC Google Phone) - Sure to be the most hyped device since the Apple iPhone? http://ow.ly/32D

YouTube video creators make money, but not a fortune http://ow.ly/2YA

Social Media Study Shows 59 Percent of Retailers Now Using Facebook http://ow.ly/2Yz

New Study Finds Online Gaming Good For Kids http://ow.ly/2Yy

China widens restriction on Internet p0rnography - MSN cited for large amount of images on its film channel. http://ow.ly/2Yw

Yahoo! sued over football fixture list. Premier league give Yahoo more headaches http://ow.ly/2Yv

Google rubbishes reports that two searches generate same amount of carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle. Polar bears are safe http://ow.ly/329

PPC Advertising - Microsoft's (MSFT) top advertser is eBay.com. http://ow.ly/2Yr

Carbon Footprint - "How Google searches lead to our destruction" - lets not scaremonger now. http://ow.ly/2YK

Preseident Obama's big idea: Digital health records. Google to play part? http://ow.ly/32a

Obama Economic Adviser Promotes Stimulus Plan On YouTube http://ow.ly/2YC

"Hidden harm of Google searches" - so if I was to go down my local library to find the information would I use less energy? http://ow.ly/2Yt

PPC Advertising - Google's top search advertiser is Amazon.com http://ow.ly/2Yq

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