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HitSearch's Online Marketing Twitter Feed Update

HitSearch's Online Marketing Twitter Feed Update

Google's CO2 Emissions: Some Puff, Lies & Good Old Fashion Hype http://ow.ly/3xI

Google starts reseller program for Apps #google Google eyes glance at the mobile space http://ow.ly/3xE

Post on Matt Cutt's blog flagged up this SEO vid from Google commenting on the blight of black hat spamming http://ow.ly/3j6

Demonstration of a new system that can charge devices without the need for a traditional wire connection http://ow.ly/3ia

Sony expected to post $1.1 billion loss. First loss in 14 years! http://ow.ly/3i9

Article on how facebook membership is swelling on both sides of the Gaza debate. http://ow.ly/3i8

Bloggers get full press credentials after sueing NYC. Why shouldn't new media get the same access as print, radio & tv? http://ow.ly/3i7

The President of Kazhakstan has told ministers to keep blogs in order to keep get their government closer to their people http://ow.ly/3hs

Busy day at Dixons.co.uk I bet, all their sites (Dixons, PCWorld etc) were down since yeterday. Back now though. http://ow.ly/3hi

There ain't nothing like a Dame (in the British sense that is)! Web-science pioneer Wendy Hall is honoured by the UK. http://ow.ly/3gq

Wikipedia appeal fund raises over 6 million from it's members in just 6 months. http://ow.ly/3gn

US NSA reveals the most dangerous loopholes, errors and security flaws people code into their programmes. http://ow.ly/3fk

Windows 7 Beta is now available to everyone! http://ow.ly/3fj

Google web conference today to announce their 3rd quarter financial results http://ow.ly/3eO

@dannysullivan that'll be all those Google searches we undertake giving us carbon footprints the size of football pitches http://ow.ly/3ft

Alarm at Pro-mafia groups found on Italian facebook http://ow.ly/3eN

Brits can access their family history using the 1911 census data which goes online today. Should be interesting http://ow.ly/3eW

Telegraph article with the ten best online shopping bargains. http://ow.ly/3eL

China begins vulgar internet crackdown with 91 sites closed straight away http://ow.ly/3eK

Posted at 10:05am by Andrew Redfern

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