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Our Search Marketing Twitter Feed For Today

Our Search Marketing Twitter Feed For Today

Sony stop Sony Ericsson from using the Playstation brandname. Stops their proposed PSP phone dead in it's tracks http://ow.ly/3WU

UK NASA Hacker Gary McKinnon appeals directly to Bush to avoid extradition http://ow.ly/3VW

Twitter noted as the first source to carry reports of US Airways flight 1549 from LaGuardia ditching into the Hudson. http://ow.ly/3TO

The Times reports 25% growth in the digital side of the music industry. http://ow.ly/3TC

Profile of Carol Bartz, Yahoo's new CEO http://ow.ly/3TA

Google adSense blog gives us a quick masterclass about using Google ad Manager. http://ow.ly/3Sq

ZDnet take us through the new version of Google Chrome http://ow.ly/3So

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