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Marketing News – Obama's Inauguration; Google Android and Steve Ballmer

Marketing News – Obama's Inauguration; Google Android and Steve Ballmer

News today from around the marketing world is largely focused on the big Inauguration Day; Google searches for "inauguration" up 75% and on the day that Obama staffers will to turn to Gmail; read the detaisl on these marketing stories below.

Google Android Market Available in Five New Countries - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland http://ow.ly/4yS

Google YouTube homepage options - £32,000 a day click-to-play video! £11.6M in additional revenue for Google. Stupid no to http://ow.ly/4yW

Cadbury, Barclaycard and Apple trial Google YouTube homepage video display for £32,000 a day. http://ow.ly/4yY

Obama’s inauguration costs $170mn - Microsoft CEO Steven Ballmer and his wife, Connie, each gave $50,00 to be at the show http://ow.ly/4z1

Obama’s inauguration - Employees of Microsoft, Google and DreamWorks Animation donate "large chunks" of the money http://ow.ly/4z2

Obama’s inauguration - Google searches for "inauguration" up 75% in last week and up over 75% from 2005 inauguration http://ow.ly/4z4

YouTube To Add Downloadable Video Feature? Advance to Youtube on the way. Surely this has more implications for copyright? http://ow.ly/4z6

Obama staffers turn to Gmail on Inauguration Day - "emails will go dark at 11 a.m. Tuesday" http://ow.ly/4za

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