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Day in Search Marketing; Obama Gmail, Google Earth Carpet, MSN PPC growth

Day in Search Marketing; Obama Gmail, Google Earth Carpet, MSN PPC growth

The Obama Inauguration featured heavily yesterday and there where some other juicy stories to keep everyone happy; below are a sample of the top search in search marketing.

Google are now showing adWords PPC ads on YouTube...interesting expansion. http://ow.ly/4DO

Interesting Hitwise article about online music retails and the importance of the long tail http://ow.ly/4DN

Covario Research - Average CPC levels fall in Q4 on Google and Yahoo with the exception of MSN.

Rory Cellan-Jones of the BBC muses on the "new media inauguration" of President Barack Obama #inaug09 http://ow.ly/4DP

Covario Research - Reductions in CPCs on Google, fell from $1.14 in Q3 to $0.89 in Q4.

Covario Research - Yahoo!'s PPC growth rate in spending from 2007 to 2008 was only 9.7%.

Covario Research - Paid Search - Average CPCs were $.86 in Q4, down 17% from Q3.

Google has 80% share of spending for high tec customers globally, with spending growing at 56% between 2007 and 2008.

PPC on MSN growth 45.7% but still commands less than 5% of the search spending in the US http://ow.ly/4AG

MSN launches digital mascots http://ow.ly/4AE

Universal promotes 'Fast & Furious' on MSN - Content based advertising example http://ow.ly/4AL

Microsoft CEO, Yahoo Chairman Meet in New York - talks back on? http://ow.ly/4AC

Yahoo! SearchMonkey Digs Deeper into Wikipedia - Yahoo! turned on support for deep links and images from Wikipedia http://ow.ly/4Au

Internet Study: Internet M&As Fall 62% In 2008 http://ow.ly/4At

Typical Guardian article - "Should you Google your date?" - Date Googling or "doogling" figure at 43% http://ow.ly/4As

BBC - What's with Google's new mini icon? - Never has a fav icon got more attention; In other news nothing happened. http://ow.ly/4Ar

Google Earth Carpet! - Awesome pictures of a carpet made from pictures from Google Earth / Maps. http://ow.ly/4zc

Obama staffers turn to Gmail on Inauguration Day - "emails will go dark at 11 a.m. Tuesday" http://ow.ly/4za

YouTube To Add Downloadable Video Feature? Advance to Youtube on the way. Surely this has more implications for copyright? http://ow.ly/4z6

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009 by Andrew Redfern

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