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Google continue their cull of fringe functions with Google Print Ads

Google continue their cull of fringe functions with Google Print Ads

It was announced yesterday that Google are closing their Google Print system. The function, on the surface of it, was sound but suffered from low uptake both from the advertisers and the publishers.

Essentially Google Print allowed users to setup by advertising space in affiliated publications and was one of Google's attempts at crossing over into traditional medium. With such a limited reach however the system was always going to struggle to bring in meaningful revenue. As it stands the system had 800 publications signed up worldwide.

This came at a time when people are desperate to sell advertising space so the debate must now by whether Google under-marketed the system or whether advertisers and publishers alike just didn't take to using Google as it's conduit for advertising traffic.

The director or Google Print Ads, Spencer Spinnell, said that the program "has not created the impact that we, or our partners, wanted. As a result, we will stop offering Print Ads on February 28. It is important that we focus on products that can benefit the most people and solve the most important problems. By moving resources away from projects that aren't having the impact we want, we can refocus our efforts on those that will delight millions of users".

Once the 28th of February deadline is passed advertisers who have booked adverts to run beyond that date will see their ads run until the end of March.

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