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Day in Online Marketing; Google Print, Yahoo! Cuts and Fergal Sharkey

Day in Online Marketing; Google Print, Yahoo! Cuts and Fergal Sharkey

Some of the best stories making the news yesterday were as follows -

Google closes down its engineering team in Trondheim, Norway. http://ow.ly/4UH

Yahoo! cutting 20% of French staff, developers to get whalloped http://ow.ly/4UF

Google to close blacklist support for anti-phishing feature in Firefox - Google and Firefoox fall oiut fo love

T-Mobile to Offer New Google Phone in Europe Soon - Android runs amock throuygh Europe http://ow.ly/4Uw

President Obama begins his new era of open government with the Whitehouse website http://ow.ly/4Tq

SearchEngineLand Highlights a lag in updating their President of the United States links http://ow.ly/4P1

Hitwise data shows a massive increase in Twitter usage in the UK. Thanks for reading! http://ow.ly/4OB

UK Hacker Gary McKinnon extradition put on hold for 4 weeks by DPP http://ow.ly/4Oe

The UK Music chief lay into those who do not respect copyright and praised the French government’s effort to protect IP. #Midem

Isle of Man proposes unlimited music downloads for one-off fee - "Song haven proposed" #Midem http://ow.ly/4O1

Fergal Sharkey attack UK Government at music conference - proving a good heart is hard to find #Midem http://ow.ly/4NW

Illegal download laws fails - although 64% would stop illegally downloading music if they got a letter from ISP. #Midem http://ow.ly/4NY

Music industry to make money from P2P? - "2009 should be the year when the music industry learned to love the bomb" said Feargal Sharkey

Google denies "screwing music industry" at music conference. Midem conference in Cannes hear Google speak - #Midem http://ow.ly/4NU

Barack Obama to be first YouTube download - Surely its got to be Rick Ashley? #Youtube http://ow.ly/4NS

Google’s inauguration search queries show a rapidly evolving Internet http://ow.ly/4NR

Vivendi Universal, EMI, Warner Music and Sony BMG look to offer "free shared music" - #Midem http://ow.ly/4NX

Windows Mobile 6.5 devices expected in Q3 - Competition hotting up in the battle to win the mobile web http://ow.ly/4NP

"Google scraps print ads programme" - Still looking radio and on television. http://ow.ly/4NN

Posted at 8.53am, Jan 22, 2009 by Andrew Redfern

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