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Day in Search; Google to advance AI Search and Skype Rumours

Day in Search; Google to advance AI Search and Skype Rumours

Google to advance artificial intelligence and semantics in search during 2009 http://ow.ly/65O

Ebay looking to offload skype? Speculation after "stand alone" comments http://ow.ly/62Z

Internet Explorer 8 moved forward whilst Vista service pack 2 moved back. Swings and roundabouts I suppose. http://ow.ly/62T

Internet users Asia-Pac 41%, Europe 28%, North America 18%, Latin-America 7%, and the Middle East & Africa 5% #Comscore http://ow.ly/5Sy

Comscore: Internet Audience Worldwide Surpasses 1 Billion http://ow.ly/5Sw

Man turns Facebook detective to find attacker - Mr Pring Turns Cyber Slouth http://ow.ly/5Sv

Math Geek Calculates Chances of Finding a Girlfriend, Reports Bad News - Facebook Squared time 2 power of Myspace. http://ow.ly/5Su

BlackBerry Bold vs BlackBerry Storm - Who cares really? Get an iPhone ludites. http://ow.ly/5St

Pornography Slips Past iPhone's Watchful Eye - The sex industry goes mobile. Not in a prostitute in a van type way http://ow.ly/5Sp

Iphone News - Carbon Tracker iPhone app helps users watch their carbon footprint - What About the polar bears? http://ow.ly/5Sn

New CEO looks to revive Yahoo - fast. Looking for sale or solidifying the business? http://ow.ly/5Sm

App Store replica site cashing in on iPhone - Lost Prophets for Apple? http://ow.ly/5Sr

Carol Bartz Yahoo Memo - Memo to the troops.. Shut up and stop leaking commments! http://ow.ly/5Sk

Google Analytics crippled by autoimmune disease - Users Prefers Hotmail to Gmail http://ow.ly/5Sh

Google to reset options - Using 8 million stock options to motivate their employees during a demoralizing recession. http://ow.ly/5Sd

Mobile News - First Apple iPhone games summit takes place in March http://ow.ly/5So

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