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Ask Sponsored Listings Announces Acquisition of Sendori

Ask Sponsored Listings Announces Acquisition of Sendori

Ask Sponsored Listings, a division of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI), today announced the acquisition of Sendori - the next generation exchange for direct navigation search.

Sendori sends qualified visitors from undeveloped web domains directly to advertiser websites. The acquisition provides Ask Sponsored Listings with expanded access to millions of unique users who arrive at websites by typing domains into their web browser. Sendori will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of IAC. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded in 2006, Sendori developed the patent pending technology PureLeads(TM) to enable search advertisers and domain owners to mutually benefit from typed-in domain traffic. The Sendori model dramatically improves the direct navigation user experience delivering content pages from national and local advertisers instead of generic pages populated with sponsored links.

The Sendori exchange has grown quickly as domain parking companies diversify their monetization strategies to better serve their clients and performance advertising networks seek additional quality distribution. The exchange provides more than 130,000 advertisers with access to 33 million unique visitors each month. Sendori's PureLeads(TM) technology is instrumental in every brokered transaction, ensuring the highest degree of integrity for visitors delivered to an advertiser's website.

"This acquisition comes as interest in targeted performance advertising vehicles has increased," said James Speer, President of Advertising Networks. "Our goal is to deliver the strongest ROI to advertisers by controlling the sourcing and qualification of their leads, and Sendori's PureLeads(TM) technology strengthens the overall value we provide to advertisers."

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