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Day in Search; Google Andriod and Last FM, Twitter pollution

Internet Population Tops 1 Billion, Most of Them From Asia - A Whopping 41% - Wikipedia attracts 27.1% of all traffic http://ow.ly/693

Wikipedia has 97% of the online encyclopedia market - Geez thats some stat! http://ow.ly/68k

@JonDMyers Tee Shirt Weather for Geordies Jon. Dont let the side down

5 Blackberry storms app available - Phone, Text, Clock, Wand and Musical Shaver http://ow.ly/69D

How secure is Google Chrome? - Google browser grows up; people start attacking its security http://ow.ly/68i

Forrester Ranks US Search Companies with IOnteresting results. http://ow.ly/69V

Google Andriod - Last.fm rolls out free app for Google's Android system. Iphone app configured for G1 Andriod.

Google promotes Knol in Dummies.com deal - Knol to focus on niche sectors target for Google Knol http://ow.ly/689

Google loses best workplace crown to NetApp - benefits inc paid days for volunteer work and medical coverage for family members with autism

Can Google cope with Twitter pollution? - Amazing that this is in traditional press; year ago this wouldn't be possible http://ow.ly/67R

British startup sought Google ad plan deal - Print to be revived by startup? http://ow.ly/67F

Google to advance artificial intelligence and semantics in search during 2009 http://ow.ly/65O

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